How to Activate Windows 10 With and Without Product Key

Microsoft says that Windows 10 is the last version of windows and they will be working on the development of Windows 10 by providing regular updates.

This means that there will be no future windows. So, you might consider buying an original windows 10 product key from the windows store.

So, How to apply product key on the Windows 10 operating system.

activate windows 10

Well, we are going to show you (Step-By-Step) process to activate windows 10 with and without a product key.

Let’s Get Going…

How to Activate Windows 10 With Product Key

When you install new windows copy on your computer or re-activate a computer that was previously activated with a product key. Then you need to follow these steps.

  • STEP 0: Insert the Product Key while installing the fresh copy of windows. You can find the Key on the box or your documentation provided with a digital purchase.

If you insert the product key on the zero-step, then you don’t need to follow the rest of the steps. The windows will be already activated when the installation completes.

Windows 10 finish install

Also, If the Product Key is not available while installing the windows. Then you can click on the “Do this later” and proceed with the further installation. When the installation is complete, proceed with the further steps to activate windows 10.

  • STEP 1: Press the Windows key and then go to Settings, then go to Update & Security and click on Activation.
  • STEP 2: Scroll down and click on Change product key.
  • STEP 3: Type your product key into a pop-up box, then click on Next, and then press Activate.

microsoft product key

Also, you need to be online to successfully activate the windows. And if you don’t have a product key then you can buy one from the Windows Store.

You can also follow these steps to activate window 10 if you have already installed the windows and are switching editions on your windows.

How to activate Windows 10 with a Digital License

Well, now you can re-activate your windows just by linking your window 10 license to your Microsoft account. So, if you a computer that has already activated on Windows 10, then you can link the license to your account and use it later in the future.

Now, to check if your Microsoft account is linked with the windows 10 license or not. Open Settings and go to Update & Security and click on Activation. Here you should see “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft Account” and you’re good to go.

  • STEP 1: While Installing Windows 10, Click on the I don’t have a product key when it says you to activate the windows.
  • STEP 2:Setup and login into your Microsoft account in your windows machine. The Microsoft account should be linked with a Digital License key.

After this, the window will be activated on your machine. Also, you can set up a local account, and then log in later with a Microsoft account.

You can check if the window 10 is activated or not by following the next step.

  • STEP 3: Open Settings and go to Update & Security and click on Activation.

Here, you will see if the window is activated. Sometimes when you change the hardware components of your PC, windows will request you again to insert the product key. In a situation like, follow the rest of the steps.

windows activation troubleshoot

  • STEP 4: While in the Activation tab, click on the Troubleshoot.
  • STEP 5: In this new window, choose “I changed hardware on this device recently” or you can select Activate Windows and press Activate.
  • STEP 6: If the windows ask you to sign-in, then do so by the Microsoft account linked with your digital license.
  • STEP 7: Choose on the computer you’re using currently from the list of devices and click on “This is the device I’m using right now” and press Activate.

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How to activate Windows 10 without a Product Key

Now, what can you do if you don’t have a Product key and you still want to use the window 10?

The better option will be to use windows without the product key as Microsoft allow it. By doing so you will be missing some of the customization features.

But, if you don’t want to do so, then you need to follow the steps below:

kmspico activator

By Using KMSpico

  • First, you need to turn off any antivirus or the Windows Defender.
  • Download the  KMSpico 10 Final for Windows from here.
  • Now, open it using Winrar. {Download from Here}. The password for the zip file will be 12345.
  • Open the directory and install the KMSpico 10 on your windows machine
  • Now, go to the installation directory of KMSpico.
  • Now, Run the KMSeldi.exe and Click on Red Button


We hope that your copy of window 10 will be activated by now. And if you have any issues regarding any steps, comment down below and we will reply as soon as possible.

Also, tell us if you have any suggestions or better ways to activate the windows.

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