Amazon Echo Spot Review: SMART ALARM CLOCK!

Amazon Echo Spot Review: SMART ALARM CLOCK!

Earlier this year Amazon debuted the Echo Show, its first ever echo with a display. Its touchscreen proved remarkably useful though its strange mall kiosk looks left a lot to be desired.  Just a few months later, however, Amazon unveiled the Echo Spot, which is essentially a smaller version of the show. In Starks contrast from the show, Amazon Echo Spot is probably the most adorable gadget Amazon has ever made.

Amazon Echo Spot is an amazing Smart alarm clock for anyone’s interested in an Alexa with a display. The Spot looks like a cool little alarm clock and for the most part that’s exactly what it is. Sure you can use the spot in the kitchen or the living room, but its circular display and spherical shape make it look like it belongs on a nightstand. The spot even comes with up to 12 different clock faces, which makes it look all the more like it.


The hardware is pretty simple, with just volume controls at the top plus a mic mute button. On the back is a 3.5-millimeter audio jack line out for hooking it up to a pair of speakers or headphones, it is a must. On the front is a 2.5-millimeter touchscreen, with a 480X480 resolution.

You can Swipe down to access some rudimentary settings like wifi and location. You can use it to view the weather, your calendar, appointments, trending hits lines, your to-do list, and other Alexa provided factoids. And since its a touchscreen, you can also tap and swipe to go through long lists or to pause and play music. We also like to use it for displaying song information, and if you play certain songs from Amazon Music, you even get scrolling lyrics so you can sing along. You can also use the Spot to watch videos from Amazon Prime, movie rentals, movie trailers, or short flash, briefing news videos from sources.

But as you can imagine they look pretty crammed and squished on such a tiny circular display. You can also zoom in on the Screen so it fills the screen or zoom out if you prefer to see more of it. That said, We didn’t mind the tiny display so much while watching news snippets or trailers that were just a few minutes long. We wouldn’t watch a whole movie on the Spot, but we found that these short videos worked really well for conveying information in short bites, which is well within Echo’s wheelhouse in the first place which makes the lack of YouTube in the Echo Spot all the more the shame

Alexa: Web Videos are not currently supported on this device


This is not really the fault of the Amazon, per se, as it seems like Google’s the one that pulled its support, but it’s still something to keep in mind before you make the purchase. Another handy use of the screen is that you can use it in conjunctions with webcams and baby monitors that work with Alexa. So if you have Amazon Cloud Cam hooked up, you can say something like, “Alexa, Show me the family room,” and it will show you the view from the webcam.

The Amazon Echo Spot is also Great for making calls, you can call anyone with an Echo, or via the Alexa app on their phone, or just a regular phone number. Since the Echo Spot has a camera, video calling will kick in automatically if both devices have a camera enabled. The Spot also doubles as an intercom if you have another Echo in the house. Say,”drop in on the living room,” for example, and you can immediately communicate with anyone on the receiving end.

If the other device is an Echo Spot or an Echo Show, the camera will kick in as well as you can see who you’re talking to. And if you’d rather not have a camera on at all, you can always disable it in settings or press the mic mute button on the top, Just like all the other echo devices, the spot comes with Alexa personal assistant, which comes with a whole host of skills and useful commands, like setting reminders or making a shopping list. You can say things like,”wake me up at 6:00 AM with Taylor Swift“. ALEXA: “Alarm Set for 6:00 AM with Taylor Swift on Amazon Music” – And it will bless a random Swift tune when you get up. While you could use commands on the screen list Echo, it really helps to have a visual along with the information.

Audio Quality

As per the audio quality, the Amazon Echo Spot is equipped with a 1.4-inch speaker, which isn’t exactly stellar. Its a lot crisper and fuller than the Echo Dot, but it’s still fairly mediocre overall. We would recommend plugging in the Spot to pair with a dedicated speaker if you want better sound.

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I like the Amazon Echo Spot, but 130$ is a lot to pay for what is really a just a small alarm clock. The Screen is great for visual information, video calls, and those aforementioned video clips, but it’s really not for longer video viewing because of that tiny Screen. You could pay $50 less for a new Echo, or $20 more to get the show, which has a bigger, more beautiful display.




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