Amazon Flex: Earn Monthly ₹15,000 Part-Time

Are you a student and want to earn some good money by working two-three hours daily?

If Yes, then I am going to tell you about a fantastic program started by Amazon in the United States.

Recently, Amazon has started Amazon Flex program in India from which you can earn up to Rs 15,000 or more by signing up into this program.

amazon flex

So, now, the question is…

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a local Product Delivery service. In this program, if someone orders from Amazon from your area, you have to deliver the product to the person and earn money.

The Best part about Amazon Flex is you can choose your working hours according to your preference. You can earn from anywhere between 120-140 rupees per hour.

So, if you are enrolled in this program and works for two-three hours daily. You can make 10,000 to 15,000 rupees easily.

How to Join Amazon Flex?

The Joining process is simple, but it takes time to complete. The verification can take up to seven days, and your request can be put on hold if many people from your area sign-up on this program.


There is some essential requirement, and you’ll need to fulfil all of them.

  • Your Age Should be above 18 Years to work for a Part-Time work like this.
  • You must own or have a two-wheelers vehicle for delivering the product.
  • An Android device with a working GPS, Mic, and Camera.
  • Driving Licence and other legal agreements of the Vehicle.
  • You must have a Pan Card.
  • You must not have any criminal cases pending on you.

There are no time boundaries, and you have to work only in your free hours. Your earnings are based on the number of hours you have worked.

Some people might think its just a Delivery Boy job, and they do not get into this. But Amazon Flex is a great and genuine earning platform. You can also create your team and distribute the work to other people and earn money while sitting at home.

There is a lot of potentials if you take this work seriously. Simultaneously, this a part-time job and can be used to make some money for fun.

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Sign-Up Process

If you think you’re eligible for Amazon Flex, then go to this webpage and follow the steps below:

  • On the Homepage, you have to fill-up the form to download the Flex app.
  • Open the Flex app after installing, You’ll have the option to either SignIn with amazon or to Create a new account.
  • Now after signing in select the cities in which Amazon Flex is eligible. And accept the T&Cs.
  • Now, you get to fill in your personal details, after filling click on continue.
  • Fill the GST details if you have, Insurance and Tax Details
  • On Direct deposit option, you have to 2FA with a phone number and enter the Bank details
  • Now watch the videos provided in the app to better understand the working on Amazon Flex.
  • On Background Check, you have to give some personal details and Click on Accept

After 5-7 days, Amazon will check all the details and will enable your account if you’re eligible with the Service.

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