Best Air Purifier to Buy in 2020: Review and Buying Guide

There are a lot of Air Purifiers in the market and there are a lot of options to choose from?

Which is the best air purifier in India?

Well, we are going compare MI 2S Purifier, Philips AC2887, Honeywell Airtouch A5, and Honeywell Car Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

While all of these Air Purifier exists many people ask the question- Does this air purifier actually works?

Well, the PM2.5 level in Delhi was around 1000 and the data showed on Philips and MI 2S had a huge difference.

So, you cannot rely on the sensors on these Air Purifiers. so we went out and bought an air quality sensor and the data was interesting.

Best Air Purifiers to Buy in 2020

Before we begin, we would like to reiterate the things you should look for before buying an air purifier.

  • First is the HEPA filter. In fact, you should look for a true HEPA filter, not just the HEPA filter.
  • Second is the CADR, higher is the CADR, more room it will be able to clean effectively.
  • The third is the Noise Level

Now with that out of the way. Let’s check out some of the best air purifiers in India

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S has a unique 360-degree air intake with Mi app support, laser particle sensor and LED display.

We have been using Mi Air 2S and never use any of the smart features. Instead, the sole purpose of air purifiers is to purify the Air. And what does that best is the HEPA filter.

Here is a graph of Mi Air 2S purifying a room

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S

As you can see it did quite well at the start but once it touches 70, it started to get inefficient.

So, why do you think that is. well, we have a solid reason but we will come to that in a bit.

Philips AC2887

We have been using Philips 2887 in the office for the past year. It has more of a robotic design with sensors on the top along with touch controls to power it on and change the fan speed.

On the front, it has three separate layers of filter. The first is pre-filter for hair and Pollen, a carbon filter for harmful gases and HEPA filter for PM2.5 pollutants.

Most of the other purifier combines these three filter. But I guess this increases the surface area which increases the efficiency of purification.

Here’s a graph of what it did.

Philips AC2887

So, we tested Philips 2887 in the same environment. Not only the Philips air purifier was faster to clean the room compared to the Mi Air 2S but it also brought down the PM 2.5 level below 50.

The thing is most of these air purifier has a HEPA filter or an EPA filter in case of Mi 2S. Philips has a true HEPA filter which gives you an efficiency of 99.97% while all the other filters give you an efficiency of 97%.

Now this three percent gap might not look like a big thing. But it was responsible for bringing down the pollution below 50.

Honeywell Air Touch A5

Next up we have the Honeywell air purifier and it looks a lot similar to Philips. Just like Philips air purifier, it comes with a touch display on the top with fan control speeds and everything. But this one doesn’t have a real-time air pollution display.

Since most of the displays are not accurate we’re fine with that.

Much like Philips, it has a filter in the front with the magnetic snap. It does combine the carbon and the HEPA filter in one.

Surprisingly in our testing, it performs quite well even better than Mi Air 2S. However, just like the Mi 2S, it struggles to bring it below 50.

Now one thing to keep in mind. All of these air purifiers were equally loud at their full speed. But faster it can bring down the pollution as you get with Honeywell and Phillips, sooner you will be able to put it in low fan speed.

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Overall there was no mention of HEPA filter grade on their Amazon page, So we believe it’s not the true HEPA filter. And that’s the reason why the pollution level never came below 50.

Honeywell Car Air Purifier

You can have an air purifier at your home when you’re sleeping and maybe in the office. But what about traveling.

Well, that’s why we brought this Honeywell car air purifier.

Does this thing actually work? Well, let’s put it to test

Here’s a graph of a Honeywell Car Air Purifier and much like the other air purifier, it was able to bring down the pollution below 50 in just 30 minutes.

Keep in mind, the AC and the fan was off. But even when we turn it on the reading was similar. So these car air purifiers actually work.

We can easily recommend these to anyone who is commuting more than an Hour.

Finally, which one should you buy?

Well in our testing we found out that the true HEPA filter is really important. So, we recommend Philips AC2827. It has a true HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99.97%.

The other air purifier is good but they don’t have a true HEPA filter which is why we won’t recommend them. And Car air purifier makes sense.

Let us know which you prefer and gonna buy it in the comments below.

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