The Best CPU for Gaming in 2018: Full Guide

Best CPU for Gaming in 2018

The CPU is one of the most important components in your PC and to get the most out of a CPU while gaming you need a rock-solid single core performance. It is partly responsible for nearly everything going on inside the big box sitting on your desk. There are dozens of popular options on the market and is a challenge to find which product my best for your unique PC build. Here we break down the top 3 best CPUs for gaming on the market this year based on price versus performance and situations. They are used in so regardless of whether you’re on a budget or want the best of the best. Here are the Best CPU for your daily gaming needs.

Intel Core i5-8400: Best CPU for Gaming

Intel Core i5-8400

Intel just recently launched their latest 8th generation of Coffee Lake series. While still new the first ones that come out are giving an indication that Intel is definitely back in the game. In that lineage, we have the Intel Core i5 8400. The 8th generation Intel Core i5-8400 comes with six processing cores and six threads. Intel’s 8400 features six cores without hyperthreading. Aside from its locked multiplier, the key differences boiled down to clock rates, thermal design power and price. It runs at a base frequency of 2.8 gigahertz and has up to 4.0 gigahertz max frequency. And also has 9 megabytes of cache memory. It supports Intel Optane memory which delivers amazing system responsiveness and Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology that gives you that extra burst of performance for fluid gaming and smooth 4K video creation and sharing. The Intel UHD 630 graphics provides you with a much richer visual experience. It supports two-channel DDR4 memory technology which allows your system to have up to 64 gigabytes of memory and up to 2666 MT/s memory transfer speeds.

Intel’s Core i5 8400 is the cheapest modern six-core CPU and considering the features that Intel managed to pack in, it represents a much better value for money than the monstrous I9-7900k processor. The core i5-8400 brings a powerful 6 core design to the mid-range, offering class-leading gaming performance and competitive performance in heavier applications. . If you are looking for more than acceptable gaming CPU at a relatively inexpensive price then this 8th generation i5 is the best in the Business.



“Best CPU for Gaming in 2018”

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Intel Pentium G4560: Budget Gaming CPU

Intel Pentium G4560

If you are looking for earth-shattering performance at a wallet-shattering price then go for this all-out monster from Intel. Intel’s Pentium series of processors have long been the favorite of gamers who are on a stringent budget and need a powerful yet relatively cheap product. The Pentium G4560 3.5 GHz dual-core LGA 1151 processor from Intel. It has a base clock speed of 3.5 GHz and comes with features such as Intel Hyper-threading technology, which was previously reserved for i3 series and above delivering an impressive parallel performance so you multitask efficiently and smoothly.

This processor features 2 cores with 4 threads in an LGA 1151 socket and has 3 megabytes of cache memory. Having two cores allows the processor to run multiple programs simultaneously without slowing down the system. While the 4 threads allow a basic ordered sequence of instructions to be passed through or processed by a single CPU core. This processor also supports up to 64 gigabytes of DDR4 – 2400/2133 and DDR3L 1600/1333 Ram at 1.35b as AES new instructions, 14-millimeter lithography and utilizes 7th generation Kaby Lake technology. It has Intel platform trust technology which helps keep your device safe and the execute disabled Bit Defends against ever elusive malware reducing your exposure to viruses and malicious code attacks. Pentium G 4560 is slower than most core i5 or i7 processor released in the past six years. If you already own a PC with an i5 or i7 the G4560 may not be the best one for you, but if you’re trying to get into the PC gaming scene and you don’t have a lot of money that’s a different matter.

The Pentium G4560 still uses Intel’s latest architecture which means low power requirements and modern motherboards. You could stick the G4560 in a $65 H110 motherboard, add an 8 gigabytes of RAM, a hard drive case and power supply and all you need is a graphics card to create a decent gaming PC. For those on a budget, it’s hard to find a better starting point to the gaming landscape than the Pentium G4560



“Best CPU for Gaming in 2018”

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Intel Core i9-7900x: The Gaming Beast

Intel Core i9-7900x

The Intel Core i9-7900x is a 10 core chip with hyper-threading for a total of 20 threads visible to the OS. Its base clock speed is 3.3 gigahertz and with Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. It can reach a maximum clock speed of 4.3 gigahertz on a single core.  There is a significant change from Intel’s older HEDT parts which often traded higher core counts for lower single-threaded performance.

With Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 is removing this traditional handicap and offering up a chip that is at least no worse than cheaper offerings in lightly threaded apps. Along with the reasonable base clock speed and excellent turbo States Intel’s Core i9-7900x brings us sizable 13.75 megabytes of L3 cache and support for AVX-512 to the table as with the memory the Core i9-7900x is a true hEDT CPU with four memory channels rated for speeds of up to ddr4 2666 megahertz at 1 di mm per channel. Additionally, the i9-7900x has a memory cap of 128 gigabytes compared to the rest of the gaming CPUs. This is a rather academic difference because the densest desktop DDR memory kits are 16 gigabytes per dim. VR stretches even the most robust PC to its limits. It is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding virtual reality experiences.

Intel’s groundbreaking CPU supports high frame rates for super immersive highly engaging VR experiences. You can enjoy your favorite game in 4k while recording, coding and broadcasting HD live streams on Twitch or YouTube. It’s all possible thanks to advanced features like Intel Turbo Boost Max technology 3.0 which intelligently puts your best course to work, delivering added performance exactly where it’s needed. It is an overclockers dream and we’ll let you precisely tune voltage per core and make exact adjustments with enhanced memory overclocking.



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