Best Gaming and Video Editing PC Build in 30000 INR: CUSTOM PC

Looking for a Gaming and Video Editing PC Build under 30000 Rupees.

Well, Don’t worry! we are going to help.

This PC Build mainly focuses on your Gaming Needs. And if you want to build a PC that is capable to run some amazing AAA titles, then this post if for you guys.

The Overall Cost of this build is near 30000 INR, and at that price, it gives you an impressive performance. This PC Build can quickly render Videos and run Photoshop very efficiently.

Let’s Dive Right in

Best Gaming and Video Editing PC Build in 30000 INR

best gaming pc

Processor- Intel i3-9100F

Starting with the processor, we went with the Intel i3-9100F. The main reason we went with this processor is the Pricing. The Intel i5-9400F cost’s a lot more and hence was out of the question.

best gaming cpu Intel i3-9100F

Now, it’s the same reason why we didn’t go with the 3rd Gen Ryzen Processors.

Hence, the i3-9100F and it fit perfectly. We get 4 physical cores which means the modern games should run without a hiccup.

The high 4.2 GHz boost clock helps with gaming as well as single-threaded applications.

In fact, we managed to get an average frame rate of about 95 FPS with the Very High settings in GTA 5.

You can, of course, push that up to over 120 easily if you bring down the population density as well as change things around a little bit.

What surprised us most were not the frame rates but how smooth the game felt driving around in the car.

Well, the GPU plays a huge part here with a title like GTA 5, the CPU could have been a bottleneck and the performance here shows that that’s not the case.

Motherboard- Gigabyte B360M DS3H

Gigabyte B360M DS3H

Next for the motherboard, we went with one Gigabyte B360M DS3H chipset. The reason for choosing the cheapest chipset because the i3 is multiplier locked which means we cannot overclock it.

Therefore buying a motherboard that supports overclocking is not going to be worth it.

Well, Gigabyte B360M DS3H is ultra-durable. Hence we decided to go with it.

Also, if you find a much better deal on different brands than B360M you can probably swap it out.

Although, we had a good experience with Gigabyte boards in the past hence the choice here.

We have four RAM slots as well as an M.2 slot. So, there’s plenty of room for expansion.

RAM- 8GB XPG Gammix DDR4

Talking about RAM, we decided to go with a single 8 GB stick from Adata.

8GB XPG Gammix DDR4

The RAM stick we went with here it runs at 3000 MHz but since the chipset here does not support memory overclocking and our processor supports a maximum of 2400 MHz. We have to run it at only 2400 MHz megahertz.

But when we shopped, around both of them cost the same. so we ended up going with the 3000 MHz.

Now, if you find a cheaper RAM stick of 2400 MHz, go ahead and swap it.

Talking about the future, we have only used one slot here. Again because of the price constraints.

so, Why not go with two 4GB sticks and get dual Channel?

Now, we would have done that and have gone with two 4 GB sticks if it was cheaper. The two 4 GB sticks of RAM don’t cost the same as one 8 GB of single RAM stick.

So we decided to go with one 8 Gigs of RAM for the time being. And maybe add another one in the future and make it Dual Channel.

Storage- Gigabyte 240 GB SSD

Gigabyte 240 GB SSD

As far as the storage goes, we used the 240 GB SSD. There’s nothing special about this one and we always suggest booting off an SSD.

Here we have support for M.2 SATA SSD as well on this motherboard. With a couple of big games like Tomb Raider, you’re gonna run out of space. So, make sure you add an extra hard disk later on.

But as a now the SSD should keep your game load really quick with a faster Boot time.



Now for the most expensive part of the build- the GPU. This is most crucial since it is the heart of a gaming PC.

Hence we went all out on the price with Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1650 Super. It’s priced well at around 12,000 rupees.

And Paired with the rest of our hardware it can run almost all games including modern AAA games like Red Redemption 2 at 1080 with the detail levels cranked up. The gameplay isn’t always as smooth 60FPS. It still did end up hovering around the 30-40 FPS mark.

Hey, even the PS4 Pro runs it at about 30 FPS.

Now on top of that, the frame timings are pretty good which means that the overall experience is very smooth.

PSU- Corsair VS450

Now, moving on to Power Supply. we have of 450-watt PSU from corsair here.

Corsair VS450

In our past builds we have gone with a VS450 a few times and every time someone or the other has a complaint about it.

But here is the thing, we have been using this PSU for a long time and those builds are working 24/7 with no issues.

So, this is the PSU we went with and at under 2500 rupees, it’s a no brainer.

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CASE- Gigabyte C200 Case

So, for the final thing- the Case. we splurged a little here and it made us run over the 30,000 rupees mark.

But for that price, the Gigabyte C200 glass is an awesome case. It looks sleek with that full glass panel to the side. The RGB strip to the front is a nice touch.

Keeping with the theme of future expandability, we have two expansion slots here. so this is a well-rounded case and it’s worth the 3,500 rupees price.

But if you are on a tight budget, you may opt for a cheaper case and save some money there.

Conclusion: Best Gaming PC

So that’s about it for the 30,000 rupees Gaming PC Build.

best gaming pc fps

Now, as you can see from all the frame rates, this is quite a capable gaming machine. With eSport titles, you’re gonna get really good frame rates above the 120 FPS mark for the most part.

So, if you wanna play Counter-Strike or OverWatch or even Fortnite. This is gonna be perfect. Of course, this build is aimed mainly at 1080p gaming and it can even run all the AAA titles like GTA 5 without stutters.

Even the Rockstar’s Dead Read Redemption 2 is playable at consistent frame rates here.

So, this was 30000 rupees Gaming PC Build.

If you have any questions or queries leave them in the comments below and we’ll try to get back to you guys.

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