10 Best Instagram Font Generator for Bio and Stories

Instagram is one of the most loved social media platforms by Digital Influencers and Youngsters. You have the option to share astounding photos and videos with millions of other users.

instagram font generator

Now, to attract other those users and convert them into your followers, you need to post new content regularly which is unique and different from others.

And, a stylish look to the text can gather a lot of attraction to your social media profile. So to help you with this, here are the 10 best Instagram Font Generator for bio and stories.

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Best Instagram Font Generator of 2020

Now, we are going to use different applications to generate fonts for Instagram. So, we have divided this post into three parts based on the devices you’re using- Android, iOS and, Websites.

In these applications and websites, you just have to type or copy and paste a normal text and hit enter. After this, just select from the list of cool font that you can use on your Instagram stories and posts.

So, here are our top Instagram font generators for Android, iOS, and Web.

1. Fontify

After trying plenty of application, we can say Fontify is one of the best Instagram font generators for Android and iOS. The application has a great visual theme and the apps work seamlessly while using and modifying the fonts for Instagram posts.

Also, there is a dedicated copy button at the bottom of every font. You can use this button to copy the selected font. This option can be of great help if you want to copy the same text with multiple fonts.

fontify instagram

Comparing to other Instagram font generator, Fontify is not a resource-driven application. This means it will not consume many resources of your device. The app is native and even offer some cool features. One such feature is the ability to jump to the Instagram app on one click.

Not to mention, you can even these custom fonts on Facebook and Whatsapp. So, this app is a must-try if you want good and different fonts for Social Networking sites.

Available on Android and iOS [Free]

2. Sprezz Keyboard

Another great application is Sprezz Keyboard and it is one of the best font generators for iPhone and iPad. This Keyboard for iOS can even work as an Instagram Font Generator.

With the Sprezz, you can replace your iOS keyboard with a creative keyboard which can design awesome fonts for your Instagram Posts. Unlike the other apps, you don’t have to copy and paste text anymore.

Sprezz Keyboard

Sprezz Keyboard has a great archive of fancy Unicode fonts. also, you can move to the setting to explore more fonts.

Now, Sprezz is a great option for generating fonts for Instagram. Its accessibility features are great. But, the only downside is that you have to go into settings every time you need a different font. Apart from this, this app is a cool way of using the Keyboard to publish Instagram posts with fancy fonts.

If you’re an Android user and want to use Sprezz, there’s a web version which will do the work. Also, the Interface isn’t great but it works.

Available for iOS and Web [FREE]

3. Font for Instagram

As the name suggests, Font for Instagram is a nice android app for creating visually appealing fonts for Instagram. This app has a large collection of great fonts. Comparing to others, this app has way more fancy fonts in its collection.

Font for Instagram

The major benefit of using this app is that you type a bunch of text using different fonts by choosing one font from the menu. The fonts of this app look great on Instagram bio and make you stand out from others.

Apart from the fancy fonts, this app also brings Unicode emojis to the text. Now the fonts form this app are different from others and can be used to enhance your social profiles.

Available on Android [FREE]

4. Fonts – for Instagram

Fonts – for Instagram, another great app to Generate Instagram Fonts. This app is available on both iPhone and iPad but not on Android.

This app works just like the previous app, you can select multiple fonts with the same text. It has a nice way of picking the font from the text window. But, most of the fancy fonts of this app are available in the Premium version.

Fonts – for Instagram

The major downside of this app is that you have to pay to unlock some the nicer fonts. Now, this also applies to other elements such as emojis. We will not recommend using Fonts – for Instagram as we can use other apps which can provide the same fonts for free.

But, you can try this app if you are on iOS and want an entire keyboard full of Unicode characters.

Available on iOS [Freemium]

5. Cool Fonts for Instagram

Cool Fonts for Instagram has a great font directory which makes it our best Instagram font generator list. This app has a clean and clutter-free UI and converts your basic fonts into different fancy font styles.

You just have to type the text into the app, it will show you variations of the same text in different fonts. You can choose the font you like the most and then copy and paste the font into your Instagram stories and bio.

Cool Fonts for Instagram

Cool Font for Instagram is a nice way of generating font on your iPhone and iPad. It’s a must-try for the iOS users.

Available on iOS [Free]

6. FontCap

FontCap is the most basic and easy to use Instagram font generator for android. The app has expanded its fonts library to 150 and there are new additions from time to time. It has ample variations of fonts for you to try on your Instagram posts.

fontcap instagram font generator

FontCap is a very straightforward app, you just copy the normal text and choose the fancy text from the list. This app also lets you share the generated fonts with others.

Available on Android [FREE]

7. Fontsy

Now, Fontsy is the most useful and better Instagram font generator than any other app on this list. This app is available on iPhone and iPad. Fontsy has a huge collection of nice-looking fonts for Instagram posts.

With the massive library of fonts, Fontsy can make your Instagram post and your profile stand out from others. These fonts even work on other social networking apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.

fontsy instagram font generator

Now, this free version of this app offers a limited set of fonts. So, to use the full app and unlock all its fonts, you will have to pay $9.99/week.

Available on iOS [Freemium]

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8. Instagram Fonts

Now, Instagram Fonts is the most popular font generator available on the Web. Instagram Fonts website has hundreds of different fonts from which you can pick a font for your Instagram post.

You just have to enter the normal text and press a button. Now, explore different fonts and choose the most attractive one. Instagram Fonts also offers combinations of fonts with both the text and emojis.

instagram fonts

The User Interface of Instagram Fonts website is simple and ad-free. You can look out for different fonts and once you’re done, copy and paste the font on Instagram. The fonts from this website work fine and glitch-free, unlike the other Instagram font generators.

Visit website

9. Instagram Fonts Generator

Another great website to generate fonts for Instagram is Instagram Font Generator. This website has the most fancy-looking fonts and you must check it out.

The Interface of the Instagram Font Generator is clean and clutter-free. And, it generates fonts seamlessly without any hassles. Just enter the text into the box and this website will show you the same text in different fonts which you can use to make your Instagram posts more pleasing to the eyes. You can also add emojis to enhance the fonts and make them more appealing.

Instagram Fonts Generator

Now, there is some downside to this website. Some of the fonts we tried did not work properly on Instagram and showed some random letters instead of the original one. On smartphones, this problem can be seen right away.

Nevertheless, there are a lot more fonts which do work perfectly. So, you can try Instagram Font Generator to generate nice-looking Instagram fonts.

Visit website

10. Fonts for Instagram

Now, this is another simple looking website to generate Fonts for Instagram. If you want a website which provides cool fonts without any issues then you can try Fonts for Instagram.

The Fonts from this apps works fine on the Instagram app but there are some Unicode issues at times. Other than that, there are no issues with this website. Just copy and paste the font on Instagram and it will work fine.

Fonts for Instagram

This website is compatible with all the platforms. You can use Fonts for Instagram to generate fonts on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and even computer. This website is one of the genuine font generators for Instagram.

Visit website

Instagram Font Generator to Use in 2020

These were our top Instagram Font Generator to use on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. With these Font generators, you just have to copy and paste the font into your Instagram stories and bio and you’re done.

We hope that you have tried some of our recommended Instagram font generators on your Social Media profiles. If you find any issues regarding this post, comment down below and we will help you out.  Also, share your feedback about this post.

Thanks for Reading.

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