11 Best Password Managers You Can Use in 2020

We all have a habit of forgetting passwords and we struggle to remember our passwords. When we forget our password either we reset the password again and again or we use the same password on every website.

Using the same password on different websites is not recommended. You can read more security guidelines below.

Best Password Managers

So, to get rid of these issues. We recommend you to use Password Managers. These Password Managers will save all your password encrypted and safe. So you don’t have to remember passwords anymore.

In addition, Password Managers will also generate a more safe password for you to make your account more secure and safe.

We have tested and tried some of the Best Password Managers you can use in 2020.

Secure Password Guidelines

Before we get started we recommend you to read these secured password guidelines. These will help you to create a password to remain safe and unthreatened.

  • Make your password long at least more than 10 digits.
  • Make your password a phrase that doesn’t make sense.
  • Always use a combination of numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Avoid using the same passwords on other websites.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Start using Password Manager.
Avoid using generated passwords from any kind of application or website. These passwords are generated from some kind of script and can be Hacked.

Best Password Managers in 2020

1. Dashlane

I have recently started using Dashlane and its one of the best password managers and personally I love it. It offers all the features that we need in a password manager with a great modern UI.

dashlane password manager

Dashlane comes with security features that include AES-256 bit encryption, 2-factor authentication, automatic password generator, one-click login, and password change. It also supports all major browsers and applications.

Dashlane sync is fast and reliable and works seamlessly. One-click login works great and there is build-in Security Dashboard which shows the overall security of all your accounts and prompts you to change the weaker passwords.

It also allows you to save your credit card details and use it later for faster purchases. We all don’t like to put the same credit card number again n again and it wastes a lot of our time. With Dashlane you can use your credit card with one click.

Another great feature is the ability to scan documents and ID cards and keep them inside the Dashlane Security Vault.

dashlane UI

So if you lose your document or forgot to bring your ID card then you can easily use digital copies at that time.

Adding the security Dashlane offers a VPN for Wi-Fi to make your network secure and untrackable other users on the network.

Download: MacWindowsAndroidiOS (Free, $3/month if billed annually)

2. LastPass

I trust LastPass mostly because of its highly secured encrypted passwords. In 2015, LastPass had a security breach and hackers were unable to decrypt any of the user’s data.

That moment surely hurts the company image but as we can see it is still one of the best password managers out there.

After the Incident LastPass upgraded its security measures by including AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes. What it does is It denies access to the hackers without knowing your password. It also supports 2-factor authentication for added security.

Lastpass manager

LastPass has a clean and modern design. You can use LastPass on any of the platforms available. It also comes with a browser plugin to assist with your passwords filling on websites.

Apart from these security features, LastPass is one of the cheapest and value for the money password manager. A yearly subscription comes at only $36. It also comes in a free version that offers some great features that other password managers give at a cost.

With the free version of LastPass, you can sync all your passwords and data across all your devices.

In Paid Version, you mainly get Biometric authentication for added security included with 1 GB of encrypted file storage and priority tech support. If you don’t need these features then use the free version and enjoy the best password manager.

Download: MacWindowsAndroidiOS (Free, $3/month)

3. 1Password

1Password is one of our favorite password managers. It includes all the features and works perfectly fine without any issues. It offers a clean and beautiful User Interface with a minimalistic look.

There are a lot of features and it’s vault feature lets you store not only the passwords but also a lot of important information.

1password manager

There’s also a Watch Tower feature that keeps a look over all your online accounts and informs you if an account is hacked and appears on data breaches on some websites.

I usually use it on a macOS and with that it allows me to quickly access my passwords. Use Touch ID and Face ID authentication on iPhones and Mac. So, this is mainly recommended for people who use Apple devices. That is because in windows and android this app doesn’t feel as good to use as in mac.

1Password also includes family features that let you protect the password of your family members including yours.

Download: MacWindowsAndroidiOS (Free, $3.99/month to $7.99/month)

4. Sticky Password

Sticky Password is one of those password managers that are lesser-known and deserves to be on our list. It offers a lot of features at a reasonable price.

It is equipped with AES-256 bit encryption along with the ability to use biometric authentication. Also, during setup, you are requested to enter a master password and if you lose the password. The account will be locked forever and there’s no way to recover.

sticky password

Apart from that, one of the best features of Sticky Password is you can sync your password on devices without saving it on the cloud. It uses the trusted local Wi-Fi network to sync the password. This application is available on all the major mobile and desktop platforms.

Although the UI is not very good and it feels old, it also lacks some of the features. Like you can’t add credit cards.

Apart from that, this app mainly focuses on security and either you can get the service for a year or with a one-time payment a lifetime.

Download: Mac, WindowsAndroidiOS (Free, $29.99/year, $159.99 for a lifetime)

5. Keeper

Keeper is out there for a long time and is one of the best password managers. The main feature of this manager is a security feature known as the zero-knowledge mechanism which puts your personal information and passwords behind a secured firewall.

Keeper password manager

Apart from security and privacy, the Keeper has got the most modern UI which looks amazing. The UI feels smooth and snappy.

It also has multiple organization tools, so you can store as many passwords as you need and don’t need to worry about finding them. The sync feature works fine and all your passwords are synced across all of your devices and are easily available.

There’s also a feature to share your password securely with someone. This can be helpful in personal or professional environments. There is also an emergency access feature that can be helpful during trying passwords.

Overall, Keeper is a password manager that does everything that you need.

Download: MacWindowsLinuxAndroidiOS, and browser extension (14-day free trial, $29.99/annually)

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6. RoboForm

RoboForm is a very good password manager and its worth to give it a try. This basically offers AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 which means it is secured like other password managers.

roboform manager

This application runs on all the major platforms including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS. All the passwords are saved across the devices through its cloud services.

Also in added security, RoboForm supports fingerprint authentication which is a great addition. It also has an auto-fill feature that helps you to fill up form easily.

If you are looking for a cheaper password manager which works fine and efficiently, then you should try it out.

DownloadAndroidiOSMac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS (Free, $23.88/year)

7. KeePass

If you are one of those people who don’t like to use any exclusive service and depend on open-source. Then KeePass will be best for you. Open-source software offers a lot of benefits that other software can’t.

First of all, using an open-source application means you know what kind of service you are using because you can read the code and even change accordingly. Also, this means the application is free to use. And a lot of people are consistently working on these apps to improve security measures.


One of the main drawbacks of using KeePass is that it lacks modern UI and looks kind of oldish. But if you look at the features and leave the UI behind. It will be best for you. Another disadvantage is that it saves the password in your local storage. This means you cannot sync your password to other devices.

Also, due to the local password manager, it is impossible for someone to hack your database of passwords.

KeePass comes in three variants- KeePass 2 is for Windows, while the KeePass X is for Linux. KeePass XC serves all three platforms i.e. Mac, Windows, and Linux.

So, if you are looking for a great free password manager, the KeePass is a great password manager and works fine.

Download: KeePass 2 for WindowsKeePass X for LinuxKeePass XC for Windows Mac and Linux

8. Kaspersky

You must have heard about Kaspersky’s Antivirus services, though it also offers a standalone password manager. This password manager has a lightweight User Interface along with easy to use tools.

With Kaspersky, you can control all your passwords from one page. It also has an auto-fill feature that works great and fills in the login details without any security issues.

kaspersky password manager

Another major feature is that you can seamlessly sync all your passwords in all your devices which reduces the hectic task of data transfer.

Kaspersky also has great data organizing tools. This lets you handle all your passwords and security codes if you have a lot of them and make it easily accessible to you.

Besides that, it also suggests strong passwords which creating an account or changing passwords on various websites and application. So this is a great password manager to use and rely upon.

Download: MacWindowsAndroidiOS, web (Free, $14.99/user)

9. True Key

True Key is a password manager which is launched Intel and is managed by there security team. It has all the usual features like AES-256 bit encryption, auto-capture, and auto-fill in passwords. There’s also a virtual walled for saving credit cards securely.

truekey manager

True Key offers multiple login methods to enter your account. These include a secured master password, fingerprint authentication, trusted devices, and face scanner to get into your account. All the methods here work fine without any issues.

The thing that True Key doesn’t have a native desktop app makes it more of a mobile application. Instead, it offers a web app on a desktop. We think a native app is a must if you password manager on any of the devices.

Other than that, the app also comes in a free version that allows syncing of data, across all of your devices up to 15 accounts. You have to pay if you use more than 15 different accounts and passwords.

Download: WebAndroidiOS (Free, $19.99/year)

10. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is one of the latest addition in our list and this might get better with future updates. So, keep a track of this password manager.

Bitwarden macos

Bitwarden is more like a combination of the security of open-source software and the user interface of proprietary software. This service source code is open for all and anyone can go and use it.

This software is available in all major mobile platforms including iOS and Android along with browser plugins for all the major browsers for desktops. So, you don’t need any native app while using it on the desktop.

This software costs a $1/per month and we don’t recommend you using it unless you are an open-source lover. Bitwarden might add a native application for desktop and add some features like auto-fill or credit card management then you can use it.

Download: WebAndroidiOS (Free, $1/month, includes 5 users)

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11. Padlock

Padlock is also one of the open-source applications that we recommend to you if you love the open-source applications. Unlike the other apps, Padlock has somewhat better UI and looks good.


This software works on all the platforms including macOS, Windows, Android, iOS and the Linux version will launch soon.

There is a lot of options to add your passwords and personal information. You can either add them manually or import them using the browser plugin.

But there are a lot of limitations like there’s no auto-fill for forms, you cannot save credit cards, and even no notes. Looking in the past, these features might be added in the future soon.

So, if you are an open-source enthusiast, keep this one on the radar.

Download: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS (Free, $2.99/month)

Always use your own Password and not App generated password

More Information Regarding Password Managers

1. Why should we use Password Managers?

It will keep your accounts super secure without the hassle of remembering them.

2. Why Should you trust Password Managers?

All the major password managers come with AES-256 bit encryption. So it is nearly impossible to hack them.

3. Are these Password Managers Safe?

Yes, Password Managers are safe to use until you are using trusted applications.

Conclusion of Best Password Managers

So, these were the 11 Best Password manager that you can use this year. And if you think any other application needs to be in the list tell us below in the comments.

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