How to Block Undesired Ads from the Internet?

Annoying Advertisements is everywhere on the Internet!. They can interrupt your experience online and can be harmful to your device. Here We are going to show you how to block these ads on your devices.

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Here’s How…

You can Block Ads on any platform- iOS, Android, or any PC. The process is simple, and you have to follow some steps, and you’re ready to go.

Block Advertisements on Android


adlock block ads

After going through a lot of Apps, we have found the best app to block ads on the Android device. AdLock can block all the Ads from Browser and even the in-game apps that annoy you while playing your favourite games.

You can even have block ads on a specific website and can filter all the traffic through HTTPS. The only downside of this application is that it is a premium (Paid) app. There is also a free version of this app for you to try.

AdLock is available for Android, Windows, and Chrome. But we would like you to see other recommendations for other platforms.


Another great alternative for Android device is AdGuard, AdAway, Adblock Plus. You can about read them here.

Block Advertisements on iOS

AdBlock Plus


Blocking ads on the iOS device is not easy. It is due to the more secured platform apple offers. But you can currently block ads on the safari browser.

AdBlock lets you block ads on the iOS device, but this works only on safari browser. And to enable adblocking you have-

  • First, install this app
  • Then go to Setting and find Safari
  • Inside Safari click on Content Blockers and enable AdBlock Plus
  • After 2-3 Minutes the AdBlock will start working

AdBlock also offers a separate browser, but we don’t recommend it. We prefer safari with this AdBlock enabled.


Other apps that can help you block ads are AdGuard, AdBlock X, and Adblock Mobile. These apps are available on the iOS App Store.

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Block Advertisements on Chrome

Adblocker for Chrome – NoAds

To Disable ads on you have to install extensions. And our personal favourite extension is “Adblocker for Chrome – NoAds.” We are using this extension for over a year, and this is one of the best extension to block ads on Chrome.

You can download this extension for chrome web store and start using it instantly. We are sure you are going to love this extension. This Adblocker blocks all the pop-up ads, banner ads, and the interrupting YouTube videos ads.

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