Best Budget Gaming PC Build in 40000 INR: CUSTOM PC

Looking for a Budget Gaming PC which can run any game under the budget of 4000INR. This PC is capable of running all AAA Games in 1080p at the comfort of playable framerates.

We are making a PC build that can handle games like Battlefield 1, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry 5, etc. in Ultra or High Settings at 30-60 FPS. We have not compromised on components of this Gaming PC. This Build consists best parts at the lowest price.

Best Budget Gaming PC Build Under 40,000 INR

Processor- Ryzen 3 1200

Ryzen 3 1200

This CPU is more powerful than the legendary Intel Pentium G4560. Ryzen 3 1200 is a great gaming and productive processor. It has actual 4 Cores along with four threads. Instead, cores are more critical than threads if you are planning to do Productive tasks as well. If you want to know about its performance in real life, this process performs similarly to Core i5-6500. The Processor is overclockable, and the best thing about Ryzen is that whether if you buy 1200 or 1300X all the processors are overclockable, which means you can Overclock 1200 and make it more potent than 1300X.

In this Build, we have taken Ryzen 3 1200 whose overall price is 6499 INR in Amazon and 6280 INR in MDComputers. You can also know about best gaming CPU of 2018.

  • 4 Core/ 4 threads
  • Base speed is 3.4 GHz
  • The “Zen” Core Architecture
  • VR Ready Processor
  • 8 MB L3 Cache

“Best Budget Gaming PC Build”

Motherboard- GigaByte B350

For Ryzen there are two types of the motherboard, i.e. A350 and B350. The differences between these motherboards are that A350 does not support Overclocking and B350 supports Overclocking with more features. Here we are taking GigaByte B350 motherboard. This price of the motherboard is Rs.6280 in MDcomputers. It also supports 2-Way Crossfire which means you can use two graphics cards at the same time.

GigaByte B350

Not only this, motherboard offers M.2 Slot, USB 3.1 and USB Type-A ports. So you can say that in the matter of quality and features you don’t have to compromise on this motherboard. You can also go with the SSD or M.2 Slot if you like M.2 slots or have a shortage of slots. This motherboard is very cheap and costs only 6280 rupees, and in quality and budget, this motherboards is the best. For our Ryzen 3 1200, this motherboard is best because of its Overclocking support which can make a discrete performance.

RAM- Crucial 8GB DDR4 

The Best and Cheapest Ram available for our Ryzen PC Build is Crucial 8GB DDR4 RAM. This Ram has a speed of 2133 Mhz. Our motherboard offers XMP Profile which means we can overclock any ram up to 2400MHz. Coming to price, the cost of this ram is unstable and fluctuates very much. Its price can lie between 3500 to 5500 INR depending on the market. On my suggestion, take a look at the cost of this ram and buy it instantly on a sale. For a Price range of 4200 to 4500 INR, you can easily get an 8 GB DDR4 ram. You can grab the RAM at a price of Rs.4000 at offline stores.

Talking about the performance of this ram, 8 GB of ram is sufficient for 1080p Gaming. In Productivity task, you may not get enough proficiency, but if you are casual Youtuber who edit and render videos with light editing, you are good to go. But our motherboard offers two Ram slots so if you want you can upgrade your ram after some time.

Graphics Card- Asus GTX 1050 ti 4GB GDDR5

 Asus GTX 1050 ti 4GB GDDR5For our need, Asus GTX 1050 ti is perfect for us, and you do not go above 1080p in Gaming then GTX 1050 ti is the best option for you. GTX 1050 ti is capable of 1080p gaming, and you can play all AAA games in High settings at 30-60 FPS. And if you compromise with the quality and switch to medium setting, then you can get above 60 FPS in every game. Not only in gaming but in productive tasks this GPU can help you a lot.

In our Ryzen 3 1200, there is no integrated graphics so to do any graphical work you’ll need a dedicated GPU.  Because onboard graphics are not very capable so for gaming and other graphical jobs 1050 ti is very capable and balanced Graphics card. You can easily play 4K videos which require a good graphics card. Recommended for Best Budget Gaming PC Build.

Internal Storage-Western Digital 1 TB Hard Disk 

For storage purpose we are using we are using Western Digital 1 TB Hard Disk. Nowadays there are a lot of deals on hard disks, and their prices are meagre. You can quickly grab a 1 TB hard disk at 3000 INR. On configuration, this HDD is of 7200rpm which can give you a decent speed if you compare it with 5400rpm hard drives. While booting will be not very fast but considering the price, it will be the best option for storing games and media files.

PSU-Corsair VS 450W

Corsair VS 450WIn Power Supply Unit we have a lot of options, and for this build, we have Corsair VS 450W PSU. In 2500 INR you cant expect more than this. This is the most efficient PSU and can save your pocket from electricity bills.

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CORSAIR SPEC 01In case, we haven’t compromised on looks and going with a tempered glass case your build will look awesome. On the quality and budget, we have chosen CORSAIR SPEC 01 whose price is 3000 INR. And If you invest on some RGB you can make you build more appealing.

Thanks for reading our Best Budget Gaming PC Build Guide. Comment down for any information or assistance


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