How to Change Gmail Password: Reset and Secure Your Account

Whether its Gmail, Youtube, G-Drive or any other Google product, your e-mail is the only way to access these. But, to access, you’ll need your password. And If you have trouble accessing your account or you have forgotten your Gmail password. We’ll teach you how to change Gmail password.

Not Only do we help you in change Gmail password but also will help you to secure your Google account. And make sure that you don’t forget your Gmail password. So make sure you read this full post.

Find Your Saved Password in Chrome

Find Your Saved Password in Chrome

This is the Basic Gmail Trick that helps you to recover Gmail password with ease. This tip will only work if you save your password in Browser’s when prompt.

  • Open your Chrome Browser
  • Click on three dots on the top and then navigate to Setting
  • In Setting, Click on Password Option. Here you’ll see all your saved passwords
  • Find Gmail and Click on eye button, this will ask your PC password.
  • Enter the password, and you’ll see your Gmail account password

Change Gmail Password

1. Android


To change google password or Gmail password form android device. You’ll need to-

  • Open Settings App and then go to Google and later Google Account
  • From the top slider, find the Security option and click it
  • Look for the card saying “Signing in to Google” and click on Password.
  • Sign in again and enter the New Password, then select Change Password.

If you want to create a secure and robust password. you must look down and make an unbreakable password

2. Computer

Change Gmail Password

If you are willing to change Gmail password from your laptop, the process becomes effortless. You’ll need to follow the steps listed below, and you’re good to go.

  • Open your google account through this link, sign in if you need
  • Find the Security option and click it
  • Look for the card saying “Signing in to Google” and click on Password.
  • Sign in again and enter the New Password, then select Change Password.

How to Create a Strong and Secure Password

Many people set their password to something they love. But, they are not recommended. To create a more secure and robust password, you must change Gmail password using the steps mentioned below

  • Make your password long, i.e. between 10 to 20 characters
  • Make Sure your password is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, both Lowercase and Uppercase.
  • You must avoid using your personal details like DOB, school name or relative’s name.
  • You must avoid using your old passwords.
  • Do not use any app or website generated passwords.

This Tips will help you secure your account. And don’t forget to update your passwords regularly. It’s a good practice and makes your account more secure.

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How to Reset Gmail Password

Reset Gmail Password

#Method 1: If you Remember Your Last Gmail Password

  • Go to this Page and Enter Your email and click next
  • Now Click on “forgot password”. This will ask you the last password that you remember using with that account.
  • Enter the last password and click next.
  • Now Google will send a notification to the phone you were using your Gmail account
  • Click Yes, and Google will give a code to enter on your phone.
  • Enter the code and Reset the password easily.

#Method 2: Get a Verification Code on Registered Phone Number

  • On Forgot Page, Click on Try Another Way
  • Google will now ask you your registered phone number whose last two digits will be visible
  • Enter the phone number and click on send
  • Now, you’ll receive a verification code of the registered phone number
  • Enter the Verification code and change Gmail password easily.

#Method 3: If You Don’t Have your Phone

  • After Going to Method 2, forgot page. you will see an option saying I Don’t have my Phone
  • Click on that Button, and this will ask you the date of creation of google account
  • Enter the Date, and sometimes Google will ask you about your recovery email
  • Enter the recovery email and Reset the password easily

#Method 4: Submit Google to Recover your Account

  • After Method 3, Click on the button saying “Try Another Way.
  • Enter any Email if you are currently accessing, click Next

Now after sometime google will contact you asking you some questions and details about the google account, If you’re able to answer all the questions, the account details will be provided to you.

We are Sure that you must have change Gmail password and make it more secure than ever. Make sure you share this post to help your friend with the problems in the Gmail account.

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