Chrome Flags in 2020: The Definitive Guide to Enhance Browsing

Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used browser across the World. And Why Not? It offers some great features and stability that we can’t expect from any other browser.

But, sometimes we are looking for some hidden features that might enhance our browser experience.

Chrome Flags guide

In Chrome. these hidden features are nothing less than experimental features that Google might be working on. And, one such experimental feature is Google Flags.

You probably have heard of it, but If isn’t it? Then we are going to tell you about Google Flags and everything you need to enhance your browsing experience.

Chrome Flags: The Introduction

What are Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags are the set of experimental features and settings that Google is currently working on and might release after full development. And, these experimental features can be accessed by developers and normal people like us through the Google Flags.

Now, there are quite a lot of experimental features that might interest you and can be of good use for us. These features include options like Dark Mode, Parallel Downloading, Privacy Enhancement, and more.

Also, these Google Flags will improve your daily browsing experience and let you try some new features that other people may never get their hands on.

Let’s Dive deeper and take a look a some of these great experimental features, but before that learn how you can enable Chrome Flags on your Chrome browser.

How to enable Chrome Flags?

Before we start using Chrome Flags, you should know that these features might be buggy and may crash your Chrome settings and even compromise your data.

WARNING BY CHROME: By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features apply to all users of this browser.

But, you can always Reset the settings to get back to the original state. You can put “chrome://settings/reset” in the address bar to instantly reset your chrome browser.

So, Let’s Begin…

1. To enable Chrome Flags on your Chrome browser. First, type the “chrome://flags” in the address bar and click Enter.

chrome flags url

2. Now, When the Chrome Flags tab is open, you can see the list of all the features that you can try. You can always look for specific features by using the search bar.

chrome flags search bar

3. Also, all the experimental features have a description below it stating the work it does. You can enable the desired feature by selecting the “Enable” option from the drop-down.

enable google experiments

4. Now, After changing the settings or enabling some of the features, you will be asked to relaunch the Chrome browser to save the changes. To do so, click on the “Relaunch Now” button on the bottom.

restart chrome

Note: There may be a time when you feel that Chrome has gotten buggy, or it may be not working properly. And, you can’t understand which Chrome Flag might be doing it. Then, you can click on the “reset all to default” button and the Chrome will be restored to its original settings.

Best Google Chrome Flags You Should Use

For Normal Users

chrome experiment heading

Now, there are a lot of features and options under Chrome Flags and it is hard to show the working of all the features that are present. But, we have handpicked some of the best Flags that you should try.

Also, Do note that these features are currently in development, so they can be removed in the next Chrome update. And, do not enable too many flags at a time, this may result in instability of the Chrome due to the higher RAM usage.

  • Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

Along with Dark UI, this feature will bring the Dark Mode to the web pages of Chrome. It works more like the Dark Reader extension. And, it solves the issue of inverting the images of the webpage.

  • Parallel downloading

Now, as the name suggests, this feature will break down the downloads into parts to download them faster. This is similar to the other downloaders like IDM, EagleGet, etc.

With this, you don’t have to install any third-party application to make your downloads faster.

  • Tab Hover Cards

Tab Hover Cards will help you navigate through tabs easily. Especially if you have a habit of opening a lot of tabs in a single time.

This flag will show you a preview image of the tab when you hover your pointer on it. This feature is great as is recommended for seamless navigation.

  • Tab Groups

Now, again this feature is for people who open a lot of tab at a time. Tab Groups will help you to organize your tabs into groups.

You can organize and set some of the tabs to custom colours for better accessibility. You can assign a different colour to different tabs for making your workflow faster.

  • Enable Reader Mode

This Reader Mode is similar to Safari’s Reader Mode which simplifies the webpage and lets you read an article without any ads or popups on the screen.

This Mode will remove any unnecessary ads from the webpage. Now, it is not good as Safari’s Reader Mode but works just fine.

  • Secure DNS Lookups

After you enable this Chrome Flag, it will secure your network connection by using HTTPS connection to every website.

Secure DNS Lookups will try to find the HTTPS connection for the website you’re are looking for. This is similar to the HTTPS Everywhere extension which forces the web to use the HTTPS protocol everywhere.

  • Extension Toolbar Menu

As of now, the Chrome Extensions are placed on the address bar. And, if you are using a lot of extensions then Chrome becomes cluttered.

In this case, you can enable Extensions Toolbar Meny which will move all your extensions into a single toolbar menu. And, now you Chrome looks much cleaner and effective.

  • Focus Mode

Focus Mode will open a particular tab in a separate window just like the PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). This will open a website in a new window which will help you to focus on your work.

  • Quieter notification permission prompts

Now, the websites around the web have push notification which can be a nuisance sometimes. Now, all the websites have notification permission and they prompt a dialog box to allow notifications.

With the Quiter Notification feature, these notification get blocked automatically.

  • Anonymize local IPs

Now, this is an advanced feature that will protect your identity online. This will conceal your local IP address with multicast DNS hostnames.

This works only if the webRTC framework is being followed.


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Some Other Useful Google Flags

  • Autofill of UPI/VPA value
  • Native File System API
  • Enable FTP URLs
  • Treat risky downloads
  • Smooth Scrolling

For Developers

experiments developer

Now, We do use these Chrome Flags to improve our browsing experience. But actually, these features and flags are meant to be tried and tested out by the developers.

Also, as we know that these Chrome Flags are open to everyone. So, we can also give it a try for our benefits.

But, here are some Chrome Flags for Developers:

  • Experimental Javascript

Developers can use the Experimental Javascript feature from Chrome Flags. This feature will help your websites and web applications to be up-to-date with the latest Javascript updates.

  • Override Software Rendering

This Chrome Flag will override the build-in software rendering and replaced it with GPU and Hardware acceleration.

When you enable this feature, the system will render all the applications and scripts by using Hardware and GPU and disables the software rendering. This can be useful for developers testing their websites for Hardware acceleration.

  • Experimental Web Platform

This feature will enable the experimental web platform features that are currently in development.

  • Experimental QUIC Protocol

With this QUIC Protocol feature, you can enable the Quick UDP Internet Connection support on the chrome. This is a faster way to transfer data between the web server and the host server.

This works only with QUIC enabled Web servers.


The Precations

Now, if you have a low-end Android device or a Computer. Then these Chrome Flags will make your device slower and sluggish. Chrome Flags works better on devices with high processing power.

But, even then you can try some of the Flags to improve performance by faster page and image loading, better web rendering, and more.

Nevertheless, these Chrome Flags can be of great use for normal consumers as well as the Developers. They help us try new features and explore the web in a much better way.

So, have you tried any of these Chrome Flags? Comment down below and tell us your experience with it.

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