How to Auto-Delete Your Inactive Google Account

Your Google Account might be among the accounts that have the most amount of information on your Digital Activity.

With the abundance of services and apps connected to Google accounts, there is no denying that Google accounts play the main role in your digital life.

Well, have you ever wondered once you pass away, what happens to a Google account?

delete google account

Let me inform you that your data remains on Google servers.

So, Google offers you a tool named “Inactive Account Manager” that enables you to configure exactly what happens when you stop using your Google account or at the unfortunate and unavoidable incident of departure.

We’ll be having a look at how you can set up the Inactive Account Manager to delete your Google Account.

Auto-Delete Your Inactive Google Account

1. Login into your Google Account, switch to “Data & personalization” in the side menu and click on Make a plan for your account from “download, delete, or make a plan for your data” section. You may click here to get into the Inactive Account Manager.

google data and personalization

2. You’ll now enter the Inactive Account Manager page where google shows you information about this feature. Click on Start to move ahead.

inactive account manager

3. Now, Google will ask you to set the period after your account will be considered Inactive. The waiting period choices are 6 months, 3 months, 12 months, or 18 months. Do note that you’ll have to confirm your email address and verify your phone number to move ahead.

time inactivity

4. In the next step, there is an option when your Google account becomes inactive, it will notify around ten individuals. You can enable your loved ones to access your Google account data. Click to Add Person to enter in the email address of your contacts. The trusted contacts may download your information for 3 months, say images on Google Photos for instance.

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google delete activity

5. You can set up an Auto-Reply message which will be sent after your account becomes Inactive. To set up this autoreply message click on the Set AutoReply button.

6. Now, change the toggle to “Yes, delete my inactive Google Account” toggle to auto-delete your Google account. The account will get deleted in three weeks after it becomes inactive.

google account review plan

7. Click on the Review Plan button to get an overall overview of your account deletion preferences. Now, click on Confirm Plan to save all of your preferences.

delete account confirmation

This was an Overall Process to Automate your account deletion process. Do let us know if you face any problem in following any of the steps.

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