How to Download Call of Duty Mobile in Any Android Device

Ever since Activision announced the mobile version of Call of Duty I have been waiting to Download Call of Duty Mobile.

Well, the first mobile beta of Call of Duty mobile is here, and I am going to tell you how to download COD mobile in any android device

Since the call of Duty Mobile is still in Beta, so you can’t download it from the PlayStore.

Install  Call of Duty Mobile in Any Android Device

cod mobile

This Process involves 4 Easy steps. Follow and Enjoy the Game

  • Go to this APKMirror website and Download the Call of Duty Mobile APK File
  • Now, Go to this link and Download the OBB File (You need to Install the obb file for proper installation)
  • Install the APK File and Extract the OBB file in the “Android/obb” folder from your File Browser
  • Now Run the Game

Hope, we have helped you in installing this Game.

Read Our Review and Get to Know about all Features and Bugs in this Game

Call of Duty Mobile Review

download call of duty

Undoubtedly, the closed beta of Call of Duty looks incredible. We can only play the multiplayer games right now as the battle royale mode isn’t available yet. Once we are in the multiplayer Lobby we can choose from a bunch of game packs like you’ll see in Call of Duty PC.

In Game, there’s Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Capture the flag and a lot. There are also a lot of maps to choose from. Call of Duty mobile is going to bring some of our favorite Call of Duty characters, including captain Price.


The graphics look great, and there are a lot of controls on the HUD here. But that’s common for FPS games, and if you played games like PUBG Mobile, it’s the same here. By the way, there’s a kill cam that you can see or skip using the DoubleTap.

The game’s in closed beta the graphics look incredible. So far I’ve not noticed any bugs in the game which is incredible because if you remember Fortnite launch on Android that was a buggy and a graphical mess. But this game looks incredible — hats off your Tencent for making such an excellent port of call of Duty mobile for us.


So, as you play the game and increase your level, you unlock different kinds of weapons. You can then head to the loadout option and see all the guns and choose the one you want to use in your match.

You can also modify your gun with attachments, but you’ll have to unlock those with weapon XP cards that you can buy in exchange for in-game currency.

You can make your customized weapons in the game. You can even customize things like weapon skins, items skins, and vehicle skins as well.


Anyway, moving on to the settings in the game, you get quite lots of things. Firstly, there are settings for auto firing, a quick run, and more. Then there are control settings that you can customize.

The game ran surprisingly smooth and gentle on phones with the Snapdragon 710 and the Snapdragon 675. The game ran at very high graphics, and high frame rate which is fantastic and expected since these are relatively powerful chipsets

On phones with the Snapdragon 616, the game played at medium graphics and middle frame rate which is a little surprised

Lastly, we tried on the game on a low-end phone with Snapdragon 632. And even on this low-end chipset, the game played at medium graphics and average frame rate by default. Anyway, it was relatively smooth and gentle even on the Snapdragon 632 phone, which is incredible. And shows the amount of work and Tencent has put in to optimize call of duty mobile for all smartphones


Call of Duty mobile seems to be an excellent game. Through, the game is still in beta, which means there are a couple of issues like the weird errors you might sometimes encounter by logging in. But it’s no big deal really, and this is a game that seems to be on the right track. It’s so addictive, nostalgic and has everything you might want from a game like this. Excellent graphics, create controls, a lot of customizations, various weapons modifications, game modes, and so much more.

With the battle royale mode coming soon, Call of Duty mobile seems like the next big thing in smartphone gaming. It’s a game that can genuinely take on PUBG mobile

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