How to Download Torrents to Google Drive

In this post, I’m Going to show you how to download Torrents to Google Drive

In fact, we have analyzed hundreds of services that download torrent, and now I’m showing you the top services that are best of the best

Download Torrent to Google Drive

Let’s Get Started…

1. Sonic Seedbox

Sonic Seedbox is the most affordable and reliable service to download torrents to google drive.

I am using this service for over a year and frankly speaking I haven’t face any issues. The best thing about sonic seedbox is its affordable pricing.

Download Torrent to Google Drive


  • Free Initial Storage of 4GB
  • Remote upload downloaded files to Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc. for Paid users
  • Very cheap pricing, Offers a large number of plans for different types of users
  • Support for SFTP and FTP to download and manage your files


  • Slow Speed when downloading directly from the dashboard


Sonic Seedbox offers a large number of plans to choose from

  1. Rookie Plan: 20 GB of Storage at $2.15/ month
  2. Beginner Plan: 50 GB of Storage at $3.95/ month
  3. Basic Plan: 100 GB of Storage at $5.95/ month
  4. Premium Plan: 350 GB of Storage at $10.95/ month
  5. Professional Plan: 500 GB of Storage at $14.95/ month

Along with all the plans, you will get 10% off in Quarterly, 15% off in Bi-annually and 20% off in Annual subscriptions

OFFER– use code EIDMUBARAK2019 for 40% OFF

Signup Here

2. is the most premium service for seeding torrents. It helps you to download torrents easily at very high speed. plans


  • Very High-Speed Download
  • Free Initial storage of 2.5 GB that can be increased up to 8 GB at no cost
  • Unlimited torrent downloads
  • With Premium, you can expand storage up to 1 TB


  • Very Costly as compared to other competitors
  • No other cloud transfer support


The currently offers three plans:

  1. Basic Plan that cost ₹513 /per month and it is the most basic plan it offers
  2. Pro Plan that costs ₹717 /per month and it has more advanced features
  3. Master Plan that costs ₹717 /per month and it is the most expensive plan that offers a lot of features.

Signup Here


ZBigZ is another great service that can help you download torrents to Google drive. Its an alternative to the Sonic Seedbox and offer much more download speed than any other service.

Download torrent to gdrive


  • Very High-Speed Download for premium users
  • Unlimited Storage Space for premium users
  • You can download files up to 100 MB without registering on the website
  • The free registered user gets 1 GB of space to download torrent files
  • Users can upload downloaded file to google drive


  • Speed is capped at 150 KBps for free users


  1. $3.99 for 5 Days Premium Service
  2. $9.9 for  Days Premium Service
  3. $24.9 for  Days Premium Service
  4. $48 for  Days Premium Service
  5. $84 for  Days Premium Service

ZBigZ has a wide range of payment methods, and it’s the best thing about this Service

Visit Here

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4. Free Telegram Bots

Telegram has a lot of Bots that can download torrent files for you at no cost. These Services are great, and I use and suggest you try these bots

David Torrent is the best Telegram Bot I have come across to download torrent files. It is free and provides good downloading speeds


  • Free and Good for Beginners
  • High-Speed Download via the provided link
  • Can Track speed and status of the Torrent file
  • Use your pre-installed Telegram app to work


  • No Remote Upload to any cloud service like Google Drive.
  • Download links are valid for a couple of hours and get expired after some-time
  • Not East to use for non-techy person.

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