Download the New Galaxy Z Fold 2 Wallpapers here

In this post, we have provided the Google Drive link to download the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Wallpapers.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Wallpapers

Recently, Samsung has announced the launch of its 2nd Generation of Fold smartphones. But, you can get your hands on the wallpapers from the new Samsung Fold flagship before the launch event. These Wallpapers were provided by the Twitter user- Ishan Agarwal who had shared the GDrive link to download the Wallpapers.

Now, As you can see the Wallpapers from the below tweet. The main theme of these wallpapers is Butterfly Wings which is somewhat similar to Galaxy Fold from the last year.

Download From Google Drive

These wallpapers have an aesthetic similar to one we have seen on the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20. As it is already mentioned in the tweet, these wallpapers may not fit with the Laptops or Tablets. You can download these default wallpapers coming with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 from the Google Drive link mentioned above.

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The Smartphone is set to launch on August 5. And from the leaks, we have got the overall preview of the upcoming phone. The phone is said to have a lot of differences from the first generation of Galaxy Flip. But, it will have the same folding display as the older one, maintaining the Fold lineup. There are going to two displays, one at the outer side of 6.23-inches and the bigger primary one inside the phone of 7.59-inches at 120Hz.

Coming to the Hardware Leaks, the smartphone is going to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 865. It will also come with 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. Also, the leaks suggest that battery capacity is going to be 4,365mAh.

By this time, you must have download the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 wallpapers on your phone.

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