11 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Use in 2020

What are some Great Google Chrome Extensions that you would like to use this year?

Well, we are exactly going to tell you that.

And the main reason a lot of people use Google Chrome including us is the ability to use extensions.

So, to keep it interesting, we will not be covering the popular ones like Grammarly, uBlock; you know the names.

Rather we review some cool new extensions which do something out of the box.

So with that, Let’s get started…

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

1. Incognito Filter

We all have this habit of opening certain websites in an incognito mode like the Net Banking portal in my case.

So, there’s a cool extension called Incognito Filter. This lets you list down websites which you prefer to open in incognito.

For example, I have added my net banking website.

incognito filter Google Chrome Extensions

And now when I enter the URL in the Omnibox and hit enter.

The website opens in Incognito.

As simple as that, and if you add regex by clicking on “Show Advanced Options“.

Now, if your search query on any website that contains sbionline (example). It will open the web page in incognito.


2. URL Render

Like the popular Hover Zoom Plus, URL Render lets you preview the entire web page.

We sometimes do open multiple tabs and read them sequentially.

So, With URL render you just search the query on google. On the output page just have to point to the URL and it opens the entire page on the side.

url render extension

If it’s not readable, you can even maximize or scroll through it.

It works with most of the popular search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing…

Needless to say, it saves RAM and when you’re dealing with Google Chrome it does matter.

ram usage url render

It helps a lot and saves a lot of time.


3. Picture in Picture

Now PIP (Picture-in-Picture) is a fairly old extension from Google.

In case you don’t know, it lets you play YouTube videos on the browser in picture-in-picture mode.

Picture in Picture extension

Not just YouTube, it works with all of the video streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

You can even use PIP to play your local videos.

To do so, head over to the local file and select open with Google Chrome. Now when the video opens you can start to click on the clip icon to enjoy PIP mode.


4. Clickbait Remover

We all know about clickbait, it’s not new and we have all fallen prey to it.

So, this extension Clickbait Remover does a great job to eliminate clickbait thumbnails.

YouTube has a quick overview feature that shows you a glimpse of the video when you hover your mouse on the video thumbnail.

It’s not foolproof

According to YouTube “It shows you the most popular part of the video“.

Clickbait Remover replaces the thumbnail of the video with a random frame from the actual video.

Clickbait Remover extension

Now, you get to decide the position of that frame. It could be from the start middle or end of the video.


5. YouTube Rabbit Hole

Talking about YouTube, there is this huge binge cycle going on.

Like, you go search something on YouTube or you get a notification from YouTube before you even realize you have spent an hour watching videos.

YouTube Rabbit Hole is a basic tool and it smartly removes all the video recommendations and comments.

YouTube Rabbit Hole

Again after the video has finished, there’s no autoplay. So the next video doesn’t roll.

This makes sure that you only watch the video you have searched for and clicked on rather than binging on random YouTube recommendations.


6. Pause by Freedom

While we are on the page of distraction. Let’s address the rabbit hole created by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit…

So, this Pause by Freedom creates a barrier between you and the social media websites.

Let me explain

So every time you visit a social media website. (Facebook for example)

Now, when you go to the URL of Facebook and hit enter.

Pause by Freedom wait

You are greeted by this green page which makes you wait five seconds.

After that, you can decide to either go back or continue to Facebook.

Pause by Freedom Google Chrome Extensions

Now, this might seem okay at the start…

But over time, it piles up and you just forget that you open the tab.

It helps to focus on work and studies.

It also comes with its own list of blog social media websites.

Try it Out!


7. Tabman

If you have a habit of opening a lot of tabs in google chrome. Then we will recommend you using Tabman.

Tabman lets you interact with all the tabs from its own dashboard.

tabman extension

And it makes things simpler.

You can hop to any tab easily and remove any unwanted tabs.


8. UnSpoiler

The internet spoilers have ruined some of our favorite TV shows.

It’s time you should do something about it with spoiler extension- UnSpoiler

With UnSpoiler you can block every bit of spoiler from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any website.


Just add the name of the show you don’t want spoilers and you are all set.

Now, whenever you open a page and there is any information about that show.

unspoiler Google Chrome Extensions

The extension will warn that it may contain spoilers, open at your own risk.

You can also whitelist a particular website if you think it won’t pop out any spoiler.


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9. Toolbox for Google Play

If you are an Android enthusiast like me and also keep a track of all the latest Android app.

Then you should try out Toolbox for Google Play.

This extension will add Apkmirror, Android Police article and AppBrain button to all the Play Store app pages.

Well,  you can check any app age directly by going to the AppBrain website.

Similarly, if you want to get the APK for any other application which is not available in your country.

Then, Apkmirror is the only trusted source. However, searching applications there is a tedious task. So having this extension gives you one-click access


10. Keepa

Sometimes it’s hard to find out the right time to make a purchase on Amazon.

What if the seller is increased the price?

or, what if the price goes down after you purchase it!!

well, in that case, Keepa is the extension you need.

For instance, you finally decided to give yourself a MacBook but not sure if the price is just right.


Keepa is a price tracking service that will show you the price history of the last three months.

And if the price seems out of your budget then you can set a price tracker and keeper will send you an email alert when the price drop.

This is useful if you’re a frequent shopper on Amazon.


11. Join

Ever wanted to send a voice command from a computer to Android.

Now, With Join you can control your Android from your computer like sending current tabs to your device, taking screenshots and launching Tasker commands.


With the new update, it also allows you to control your phone from the voice command.

To get it working install the Join App and the Chrome extension on your Android and computer respectively.

Next, You can choose to activate the voice command with a keyboard shortcut or a phrase.

After that, it will automatically send those commands to your Android device.


So, these were the 11 Best Google Chrome Extensions that you should you use this year.

Which one do you like the most or hate it? Tell us in the comments and we get back to you soon.

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