Google Family Link – How to Set-up and Use it

Google Family Link is a parental control program for people with kids. The program started a couple of years back, however, it became a part of Android’s inventory beginning with Android 10. You still require the application so as to use it, however, you can access the options from the Settings menu.

google family link

By using this application, you can obtain a surprising amount of control over the kid apparatus and it has a lot of great choices for handling your child’s phone usage. This tutorial teaches you how to set it up and how to use the various capabilities.

How to set up Google Family Link

Getting Family Link set up is a bit dull, but demands nothing overly complicated. Before we begin, please make sure that you’ve got the following pre-requisites fulfilled. Otherwise, the tutorial will not work.

  • Your child needs their very own Google account. You’ll need to make one for them so as to use Family Link.
  • Your kid’s Google account needs to be part of your family network. If you don’t do so beforehand, Family Link will force you to do this during setup and it’s way easier to do it ahead
  • Ultimately, your child’s Google account has to be the only individual on the child’s device. Family Link will forcibly remove all other Google accounts during the setup.

Alright, now that everything is all set up and ready, Let’s get started.


Google Family Link PlayStore

Because this requires input on two different devices, we will specify which device each step needs. In case it says Parent Device, you do that step on your own phone and also for your Child Device as specified.

  • Both Devices – Get the Google Family Link for parents program on the parent device and the Google Family Link for children & teens app on the child apparatus. Please note, those are two unique apps.
  • Parent Device – Open the Family Link app and select your Google account if asked.
  • Parent Device – Select your child’s Google account you would like to manage.
  • Parent Device – The program will ask you to get your kid’s phone. Hit the Next button on this display to show the hyperlink code.
  • Child Device – Open the Family Link app and select the Kid’s Google account.
  • Both Devices – The Child Device will ask for the link code in the Parent Device. Input the link code from the Parent Device to the Child Device.
  • Child Device – Input your child’s Google account email to confirm if prompted.

Alright, there are just two potential things that can occur at this point. If you made your youngster’s account component of your Google Family before now, proceed to another area of the tutorial.

google family setup

If you did not, Family Link can stop you and force you to add the child account to your Google Family prior to letting you proceed. In my testing, this resets the entire process and made me start over after I added the account to my Google Family.

  • Parent Device – Hit Next before the app prompts you to complete setup on the Child Device.
  • Child Device – Now, the app will request a whole lot of permissions. Just keep hitting next to permit all of them.
  • Child Device – Name that the child device when prompted.
  • Child Device – The program will then ask which apps you need your child to have access to. Deny or accept the ones you desire and hit next.

That is it! You’re now connected through Google Family Link. We found this procedure to be buggy. There are chances that you are going to need to restart at least once.

The child device is completed at this point. The device is configured and there is nothing for the kid to do. But, you can still continue to set things up Family Link on your device.

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How to Configure Google Family Link

Now that you have gone through the true hard job of connecting Family Link, let’s get you using this to its fullest. Now, everything occurs on the parent device unless otherwise given. There are plenty of things that you can do so we will cover each one separately.

Let’s get going!

Locating the child phone

1. Locating the child phone

There is a particular card in the Family Link app for finding the kid’s phone. You can easily find your youngster’s telephone (and hopefully, your child) with this attribute. This works well as a Find My Telephone service in case your kid leaves their phone somewhere.

Simply Turn on this feature and it will begin showing the phone’s location and you’ll be able to find your child.

2. Parental controls

There’s a card using a Settings name. This allows you to access fundamental parental controls. Harness the blue Handle text to get all your alternatives.

In addition, you may tap the Android App section to place time limitations on existing programs on the kid’s phone or restrict access to programs. Once an app is a limited accessibility, the icon disappears from the home screen and program drawer, which makes it inaccessible.

Ultimately, this segment holds an essential setting. You are able to call for parental consent before the kid logs into programs or games which the parent can’t supervise. This can be allowed by default and cannot be switched off.

After obtaining this card to the very first time, then it condenses into a significantly smaller size as well as the text modifications to Manage configurations in the event you will need to locate it afterwards. It must always be on the top.

3. Tracking your Child’s activity

The next card on the listing reveals your Child Activity. You’re able to observe the apps and games they use and also for the length of usage in bar charts

Track Child’s activity

There’s also a shortcut onto this card into the app to App Restrictions screen and you can choose if your child has enough played the game.

There’s another card which shows you exactly what programs and games your child has installed in their Phone. This way it is possible to keep track of what application and also exactly what they are doing.

4. Screen Time Restrictions

Kids probably shouldn’t use their phones all day long. There is an entire section for screen time restrictions. The Daily Limit lets you set time limits on an everyday basis.

The next tab, Bedtime, allows you to place a hard limit on how late your kids can use their phones. Once you set up this and the appropriate time strikes, their phone locks down itself and they can’t access it. This is a great tool for getting kids to bed.


So, this is how you can set-up Google Family Link for your child. We hope that this post was beneficial to you.

If you have any suggestions regarding this post. Comment down below and we will get back to you.

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