Google Fi: Features, Plans, Coverage: All you need to Know!

Google Fi is a mobile network operator launched by Google in 2015. Earlier known as Google Project Fi, it is Google’s own network. Well, not really, it isn’t a network operator in itself. It is a collection of cell services that actually uses three partner network operators and Wi-Fi hotspots to choose the network with the best coverage in your area at any given time and automatically switches between them.

For coverage, you can check how good your coverage is in your area on Google website. Google Fi connects to T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular whichever’s network signal is strongest for your phone. Your phone will use that network but you aren’t paying for all three of these since all of this is included Google Fi Plans.Google FI

How much does Google Fi cost?

I’d say it’s okay certainly not cheap. The basic service costs $20/month for Unlimited calls and texts but the data is where it gets pretty pricey. It’s not really any better than the other networks. It’s $10 per month for every gigabyte of data with a minimum of one gigabyte.

However, the good news is that Google Fi will actually refund you the cost of any data that you didn’t use in the previous month as a credit for the next. Google only charges you exactly how much data you used. So, if you go over 6GB, the data is free and you won’t pay more than $60/month. If you go over 15GB, there will be a speed cap but you won’t pay more than $60.

If you want to add a second line, it will cost $15/month more for the extra line. Data is still $10/GB and here your average usage is 10GB per month, means you’ll have to pay until 10 GB, rest is free. Check the Google Fi plans here.

TomsGuide says “Google Fi’s appeal lies in the fact that you won’t have to pay for any unused data.”

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Who is Google Fi for? Who needs this?

Google Fi is for the people who roam around the city or love to travel. It is the best option for them as they will receive the best network possible at their location. It is also beneficial for the people living in the far end of the cities receiving weak signals. Or you can just use Google Fi for fun and exploring new innovations.

Google Fi is also better for individuals who don’t use much 4G LTE data. Well, there are no people like that who exist. So It’s for the people who only want Calls and Text and stays connected to the Wi-Fi at their homes or offices for Internet Access.

However, The pricing is not justified for the countries like India. The Network providers there provide very cheap data rates at around $0.10 per GB. So, the cost here comes down ten times.

Google Fi Features!

Google Fi has very easy call forwarding that you can set up online at no cost. Also when you use Google Fi, you can receive all your SMS messages using Google Hangouts app. which means you can access your SMS on your PC, Android smartphone, and all your devices as long as you have Hangouts app installed in that device. This makes it easy when you have to text people while working on your PC. You can block spam calls and even you don’t have to pick up your phone.

Another feature of Google Fi is that you can pause your 4G LTE data at any time or pause service. If you are leaving the country for like a month then you can pause Services and resume when you came back. There will be no charges for the months you have stopped the service. This is the best feature that attracts me to Google Fi.

Google Fi features

Also if you have your family members or kids added to your plan, and they are using too much data. You can pause their data or voice at any time. Also, if you use phones that are specially designed to work with Fi network such as Google Pixel devices with eSIM capability. You can easily switch numbers to another phone by simply logging into your Google account. You can move your number between the two phones in less than a minute. The eSIM functionality makes it simple to move numbers between the devices without playing around the SIM cards.

Your device will also connect to “Open Wi-Fi networks” to provide a better connection. Well, Google says that whenever it will connect to the hotspots it will create an encrypted connection between the web and the device. This works same as the VPN and offers a better & secure connection for you.


Overall, Google Fi is great for those of you who don’t use a lot of 4G LTE data and stay in the US for a few months. You’ll have to pay only for the data you have used. Again, if you have a device that doesn’t support eSIM you can order a free SIM card for any smartphone and enjoy Google Fi services. And if you are using any other network and paying a lot of money for the data you never used. Then definitely try Google Fi network and save some bucks.

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