How to use Google Maps: An Enhanced Step-by-Step Guide

Google Map is something we use everyday. G maps can be very useful to lookup a location, directions to work, or even to check the traffic. Google constantly updates it with great new features. So, not everyone is aware of the features in google map. But the real question here is how to use google maps. Well, the answer is really simple, just read this full post and you’ll get to know.

Navigate From One Place to Another

Navigate From One Place to Another

Everyone will be aware of this feature. This is the essential feature in google map. Google will give you a guided voice guided direction, turn by turn. You’ll just need to

  • Search the location in the Search bar.
  • And Click on the Directions button at the bottom.
  • Google will find the best possible route accordingly
  • You can change the mode of transportation from the top slider.

Now, Click on the start and google map will begin to show your route.

Share Real-Time Location

Share Real-Time Location

We always have the ability to share the location from google map, including our current location. However a recent update lets you share your real-time location with multiple People, temporarily.

  • This feature is available in the Navigation Drawer of the Google Maps app.
  • You can just tap on the Location Sharing Option.
  • And then, select if you want to share your Real-time location for an hour or Until you manually turn it OFF.
  • The Location is then shared through a link.

The People with your link real-time location link will then be able to share the location to you by simply turning on the toggle that says “Share my Location“. This should come really handy if you’re meeting a person somewhere and you’re not able to explain where you are.

Save Your Parking Location

gmaps parking

If You are Someone who tends to forget where you parked your car. Well, this feature is for you. Google Maps now let you save your parking spot in the app.

  • You can just Park your car.
  • Open Google Maps, tap on the blue dot that shows your location.
  • And you should see an option that says “Save your Parking“.

If you’re parking in a space where is multiple stories. Well you can add more information like a photo of the parking space, the notes regarding the location and even set a time until your parking spot is valid. You can adjust the blue dot if you want. G maps has certainly made remembering your parking spot a lot easier.

Add Multiple Spots While Navigating

Add Multiple Spots While Navigating

When you’re taking a long journey from one place to another. You’ll need to stop for food brakes, gas station, etc. Well, Google Maps now shows you direction for trip that needs multiple stops. It’s easy to use.

  • When you’re navigating to a place.
  • Just hit the three dot menu button and tap on add stops.
  • You can then add the spot you want.
  • Repeat the process to add as many stops as you like.

You can also change the priority with ease just by swiping the stops up or down.

Take a Cab directly from Google Maps

Take a Cab directly from Google Maps

When you want to travel at a place you have no idea about. Chances are you first look up the location on the google maps. And then open the ride booking app of your choice. However, you can easily book a cab from google map itself.

  • When you search for a place to navigate.
  • There is ride services tab at the end.
  • Here you can see location of rides, availability, pricing and wait time of cabs in real-time.
  • There are multiple options and services supported
  • To book a ride you’ll have to link your respective accounts.

This feature is surely handy. No need to switch apps now.

Save Home and Work Address

google maps workplace

To Quickly navigate from your home to work and work to home. Google map let you save home and work address. To save:

  • Open the Navigation Drawer and Click on Your Places
  • Here you’ll see entries for home and work.

Insert the addresses there and you’re ready to go. This is a small but a great time saving featu

Avoid Toll Roads While Navigating

google maps avoid tolls

Toll Routes are not always the best route to take. Specially, when there is a lot of traffic. plus you need to spend a  little extra. Thankfully, google map let you easily avoid toll roads. When navigating:

  • Simply hit the three dot menu button and tap on route options.
  • Here you can tick “Avoid Toll Road” option and you’re good to go.
  • There is also option to avoid motor ways and ferry’s.
  • Once done google will make sure the route you are using aren’t toll roads.

However do keep in mind that sometimes google might take you through a longer route.

Head For Your Upcoming Plans

Google recently brought great integration between Google Maps, Gmail and Calendar app on android. And that has resulted in a pretty sleek feature.

If you have any upcoming meeting and event and the details of it are saved in the calendar or Gmail. Well, google map list them out in the upcoming tab present in the Your Places option. You can tap on the listing and start navigating.

Basically you don’t have to type anything. You just need to have information in the calendar app or gmail.

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Time Travel

Time travel is one of our favourite google maps feature. While this has been part of the google map website since 2014. It is still something many people know about. As the name suggests the time travel feature will let you view street view imagery of a place from different years.

  • when you’re viewing a location through street view.
  • You’ll see a clock icon which shows you the imagery from different years.

Overall, the time travel feature is pretty cool but does not seem to work in India.

Distance Travelled with Google Maps

Have you ever wondered how much distance google maps have saved of you. Even if you haven’t this is pretty cool. A third party tool lets you check this. But you’ll need to download data from google location history. Obviously this will work only if you have had google location history turned on.

To Download Your google map data:

  • Head to the Google maps website and Open up the sidebar.
  • Click on Your Timeline.
  • Here you can see all the places you have been to, all the trips, everything.
  • Then Click on Setting hover Icon and click on Download a Copy of all Your Data.

Then the process is pretty simple and you have to make sure that location history data is saved in the JSON Format.

Once the data is downloaded:

  • Unzip the downloaded folder and head to this page.
  • In this page, Just upload the archive, thats it.

You’ll Now see some impressive stats like the no of miles you have flown, the no of miles you have travelled, the miles you walked and run.

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