How to Use Instagram for Desktop With All the Features

Want to Use Instagram on Desktop with all the features of a smartphone?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because Today I am Going to show how I use Instagram for Desktop without any Limitations and post images on Instagram directly from a desktop PC.

instagram for desktop

The best part?

I have shown how to use Instagram on a Windows, Mac, Chrome, or Safari with or without the help of the Software.

1. Instagram for Desktop on Chrome

Using Instagram on my chrome browser makes your life easy. You don’t have to install any third-party software to use Instagram on PC.

Using Inspect Element Method

1. Open Chrome on Your Desktop and Go to the Instagram official Website, log in with your username and password.

Instagram Login

2. When you’re in the Instagram Homepage. Press “CTRL+SHIFT+I” and this will open an Inspect Element Page. Now, click on the “Mobile-Tablet” icon on the top right of the console window.

Instagram inspect Element

3. After the Step-2, Instagram will start to behave like a Mobile Application. You have to Refresh the page to get all the locked features on chrome

Instagram for desktop

You’re Done, Now you can upload images directly from your chrome browser. With that, you’ll be able to message from this mobile version of Instagram

Using Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are the easiest method to use Instagram on the chrome browser.

1. Open Chrome browser and go to Chrome Web Store. Now search for “Desktop for Instagram” on Web Store and Install the extension by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button.

instagram chrome extension

2. Now, go to the extension webpage by clicking on the Instagram icon on the Top. On the Homepage, accept the permissions required to run Instagram on chrome.

chrome extension permissions

3. After this, you’ll be redirected to a new page, log in on the Instagram if needed. And you’ll be able to enjoy Instagram on PC with all the features enabled.

Instagram for desktop

2. Instagram for Desktop on Windows

For using Instagram on Windows platform, You need the official Instagram application available on the Microsoft Store.

1. Go to Microsoft Store on your Windows computer and search for Instagram. You can also visit that page from here.

instagram windows store

2. Install the Instagram application by clicking on the “GET” button. After the installation completes, click on the “Launch” button to open the app.

instagram login

3. Now, enter the username and password to log in and start enjoying Instagram on your windows computer.

Instagram for desktop

4. To Upload an Image on the Instagram, Right-click on the Instagram icon on the Taskbar and click on New Post.

Now, all the features are available for your Instagram app. Also, take a look at the Third-party application we have mentioned below.

Instagram for Desktop Through Third-party Apps

  1. Gramblr: Gamblr is an amazing application from which you can post images and videos directly from the PC. You can also Schedule post on Gamblr, and this app is also available for macOS.
  2. Pic Upload for Instagram: Pic Upload for Instagram helps you upload images on Instagram. This is the basic Instagram application available to download on Windows Store

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3. Using Instagram on macOS

You can use Instagram without any restrictions if you’re using MacBooks. You can do so either by using the Safari browser or by using third-party applications.

Using Safari Browser

A lot of macOS users uses Safari as their default browser. So, I am going to show how to use Instagram for desktop on Safari browser.

1. In your MacBook, Open Safari browser and click on Safari on the “Top Menu” bar. After this, click on Preferences.

safari preferences

2. Go to the Advanced tab and enable the “Show Developer menu in the menu bar.”

safari advanced

3. Now, open the Instagram official website and log in to your account

Instagram Login

4. After this, click on the Developer on the “Top Menu” bar. Now, go to “User-Agent” and select the “Safari iOS 12.1.3 iPhone”.

safari user agent

5. Now Refresh the Page, and you’ll see the Instagram webpage similar to a mobile application.

Instagram for desktop

Now, you’re eligible to upload photos and videos on Instagram from the Safari itself. You can message anyone and enjoy all the Instagram features on macOS.

Using Instagram via Third-party App

  1. Flume: Flume is the most popular application to use Instagram on Mac. You can add multiple accounts on Flume and use multiple Instagram accounts at a time.
  2. Grid: Grid is another excellent app for Instagram. You are allowed to view stories, message, and directly upload photos and videos from this app.

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