How to Install Chrome OS on Your PC in 2020!

Chrome OS is a light-weight operation system from Google, and it is exclusive to Chromebooks only.

This means that you can’t install the same Chrome OS which google installs on the Chromebooks. But you can install your version of Chrome OS with the help of open-source software.

Install Chrome OS

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The Chrome OS and the Chromium OS

Chromium OS is an open-source software that anyone can edit, create and modify for their personal use. Also, Chrome OS is based on Chromium OS.

Now, with the help of Chromium OS, we can create our version of Chrome OS by installing it on our computers. But, it is pretty hard for a normal person to edit and customize the Chromium OS to make it work like a ChromeOS.

So, we are going to use the CloudReady, a version of Chromium OS that can run on any windows or mac computer. All you need is to follow the below steps and an 8GB Pendrive.

All About CloudReady

CloudReady is an operating system that is based on Chromium OS. Both CloudReady and ChromeOS are forked from Chromium and are customized with their own proprietary code to get a working operating system.

Also, CloudReady can work on a wide range of computer devices. And if you have an old window or mac machine that has slowed down, then you must ChromeOS on your computer.

CloudReady is not a resource-intensive operating system like the windows or macOS, so you can expect a performance boost on the device you are installing ChromeOS.

How to Create a Chrome OS Bootable USB Drive

Before installing Chrome OS on your computer, you will first need to create a bootable USB drive from which the installation can be done.

Also, if you are planning to use Chrome OS on your apple device or any device other than windows, then it is recommended to create the bootable USB drive from the Windows operating system.

But, we have shown both the methods of creating the USB installer, so proceed without any worries.

On Windows

If you’re using the Windows machine, then the first step should be to download the CloudReady USB maker from Neverware. To do so

  • First, Go to and scroll down to the “Learn more about how CloudReady can help you”  section.

cloudready page

  • Click on Get the Free Version and on the new page, scroll down to CloudReady Installer section
  • Here, click on Download USB Maker under the windows section.

You can also download the USB installer from here.

Once the download completes, you’re ready to create the bootable USB installer. You will need at least an 8GB Pendrive for this step. You need to remove all the data from the drive, so it’s better you take a backup of your data.

Let’s create a USB installer for CloudReady:

  • Open the CloudReady Installer you have just downloaded from Neverware.

Cloudready installer step 1

  • Now, click on Next and, Select between 64-bit and 32-bit, and then click Next.

Cloudready installer step 2

  • Insert the USB onto your computer and click Next.

Cloudready installer step 3

  • Now, select the USB drive from the list and click Next.

Cloudready installer step 4

  • Wait for some time for the installation to complete, and after that click on Finish.

Now, you have successfully created the USB installer, and you are ready to install it now.

On Mac Devices

Well, if you don’t have a windows computer and want to create a USB installer on a mac or any other OS, then you need to proceed with the next steps.

First, you need to download a CloudReady image and put it into the USB drive.

  • Go to and scroll down to the “Learn more about how CloudReady can help you” section.

  • Click on Get the Free Version
  • Now, select between the DOWNLOAD 64-BIT or DOWNLOAD 32-BIT.

cloudready download mac

After the download completes, for the next step you will need Google Chrome on your device. You can download google chrome from here.

Once the chrome is installed on your mac, you will have to download the Chromebook recovery app from Web Store.

  1. Open Chrome and go to the Chromebook Recovery Utility on the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click on ADD TO CHROME and then tap on  ADD APP.
  3. Now, open the Chromebook recovery app into chrome.
  4. Click on the gear icon and then on Use local image
  5. Now, select the downloaded iso from earlier steps.
  6. And, click continue and wait for the process to finish.
  7. Then, click on Done.

How to Run Chrome OS From a Live USB Drive

Once you have finished creating the USB bootable drive, then you are ready for the next steps.

Now, Shut down your computer you want to use CloudReady on and insert the USB stick. If the computer boots normally then you will have to change the boot order from BIOS. On a mac, you have to hold down the option key when booting up and you will be able to select the device you want to boot from.

After the CloudReady boots on your computer, follow the rest of the steps.

  • Wait for the Welcome Screen on your computer and click on Let’s Go.

chrome os live usb

  • Now check your internet connection and connect to a Network

chrome os live usb 1

  • You can connect to a WiFi or you can Plug the Ethernet for connecting to the Internet.
  • You can also skip these steps
  • After this, click on Next and then on Continue.

chrome os live usb

  • Now, Sign-in into your Google Account by entering email and password and then click on Next.

chrome os live usb

Now, you have successfully set up the CloudReady on your computer. You can start using the computer normally like browsing the internet or anything else.

If you don’t want to replace the existing operating system from your computer, then you will have to continue using CloudReady from the live USB. Every time you want to use it, just plug the USB drive and CloudReady will boot from it. To get back to the existing operating system, just shut down the computer and start the computer again by removing the USB stick.

But, you will not receive updates if you wish to continue using CloudReady with the USB drive. So, to permanently install the Chrome OS on your computer follow the rest of the steps.

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How to Install Chrome OS with CloudReady

Installing Chrome OS with CloudReady permanently on your computer will erase the existing operating system from your computer. This includes all the files, data or images saved into your computer.

So, it is advised to take a backup of all your data into an external hard drive first before proceeding with the rest of the steps.

Also, you should check that the CloudReady is working properly on your computer on Live USB. Make sure all of your hardware such as Wi-FI, Keyboard, TouchPad, Bluetooth is working properly. If there are any problems then you should not install Chrome OS permanently on your computer.

If the CloudReady is working properly, then installing it is very easy.

  • Turn on your computer with the Live USB to boot the Chrome OS.

chrome os installation

  • Click on the user icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

chrome os installation

  • Now, click on Install CloudReady and then again on INSTALL CLOUDREADY.

chrome os installation

  • Now, wait for the installation process to complete.

Once the installation is complete, you can turn off the computer and remove the USB drive from the computer. Now, start the computer and the Chrome OS will boot on your computer.

So, this was our GUIDE to install Chrome OS on your computer. If you have any problems regarding the installation, comment down below and we will solve it for you.

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