17 New iOS 13 Features You Should Know!

The latest iOS 13 is here. Apple has introduced Beta 1, and it is available for testing. We have installed it in our device and now will show you 17 new iOS 13 Features you should know.

iOS 13 Features

To install iOS 13, you need a device with the latest version of macOS or Xcode beta, and it was quite a long process.

We are showing you the most significant features that have changed in iOS 13. There’s a dark mode, and there are a lot more things that Apple has announced at WWDC event.

17 New iOS 13 Features!

iOS 13 features

1. Speed

The first one that we like to start with is Speed. iOS 13 is quite fast even from the onset with iOS 13 beta 1. We noticed a considerable speed increase.

Apple advertised that face idea would be improving by 30 percent. Honestly, it was faster, the animation kind of speeds up the lock and opened just a little bit quicker

On actually testing 2X app launch speed. We wouldn’t say apps necessarily opens that much faster, but in some apps, there is a little bit of an increase.

2. Dark Mode

iOS 13 features

The dark mode is enabled in the brightness settings on the control center. There’s a new appearance for dark mode, and the actual wallpaper will reverse itself

On Dark Mode, you can see the system UI elements change to dark. As well as now dark mode goes system-wide, but you can’t select which applications you want to go dark. You have to disable and re-enable it every single time if you’re going to go back to the light mode.

Dark Mode almost seems like your jailbroken. So, one of the biggest reasons many people jailbroke their devices is no more. And in most apps, you’re getting a real dark mode, and it is honestly kind of cool.

3. System-Wide Rounded UI

In iOS 13, there’s a revamped System UI, So everywhere you’re going to notice rounded icons. Things are a little bit more friendly.

For example, the reminders application, Apple completely rebuilds this app from the ground. The app is now more friendly, and it’s not as confusing to find options.

4. Revamped Video Editing UI

Apple has included the new editing feature in the photos app. Apple has given us the ability to rotate, crop photos, and videos. You can go ahead and flip images, rotate them.

Apple has given us a lot of tools here now in iOS 13 for people who edit their photos on phones.

5. Volume HUD Fixed

iOS 13 features

The volume HUD has now been fixed. So if you double click volume button, Volume HUD shows in the side of the display, and you can then adjust the audio with your hands. ,

Its pretty much like a miniature version of the one from the control center.

6. iMessage Profile Mode

In iMessage, there is a  new profile mode. Essentially you will be able to add your profile in messages. You can set a custom avatar and then everyone sees you like that, and you’ll see there’s by default

7. Automated Animoji and Memoji Stickers

There are now Memoji stickers, and you can go ahead and pop those in by default. Your personal emoji can be customized a lot.

Memoji has a huge overhaul. Now you can adjust so many little things like tongue piercings, earrings, eyewear, etc. Apple added complete customization to this.

8. Photos App

This is one of my favorite updates. Now, in Photos application, you can zoom in and zoom out, and scroll and see all of the Photos seamlessly.

Another great feature is the Days. On this day you can see precisely a year ago, where you were at, and it’ll repeat that every single year. So the longer you keep your iPhone, the longer you stay in that ecosystem, the more interesting it gets.

The same thing with Months. So, it gives you a little preview allowing you to see more photos for the time.

9. Apple Maps

Apple maps

The Maps application has seen a complete revamp. So Apple drove over 4 million miles to rebuild the Maps application.

We’re not able to see all of those changes like Look Around. Its a much better version of Street View from Google Maps. You’re ready to smoothly transition from area to area, look around at a shop, click on it, and get the actual info.

And ofcourse, new Apple Maps supports the new dark mode, it looks beautiful and goes easy on your eyes.

10. Find My App

Now there’s a new app called Find MY. It replaces Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

The best thing about it is the Bluetooth Beacon feature. So when your device goes into sleep mode, it’ll still send out a tiny packet of data through Bluetooth to other Apple devices nearby.

Apple said it is encrypted so there’s really no issue and it’s just a more reliable way to track your device in those emergencies.

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11. Apple HomeKit

The  HomeKit get some very nice upgrades. First off, you can look at security cameras from certain providers. Everything is done on the device like processing, and then it uploads to the cloud.

Homekit has been reworked, and they’ve adjusted the application with very subtle updates.

12. Airpods

In iOS 13, you can now simultaneously connect two pairs of Airpods. so You will be able to connect and stream audio to two separate pairs of air pods

Streaming to two pair of Airpods is great, and I never thought I’d see this feature this early, and its great Apple added it.

13. Sign-in With Apple

Sign in with apple

Now Sign-in with Apple feature hasn’t been implemented at this time. One single sign-in service in every single application.

You don’t share your personal data with those companies you don’t want. It’s going through Apple, and they create burner emails to sign-up, and it’s just an all-around brilliant system that solves a problem.

14. Reminder App

The Reminders application completely revamped and redesigned. Its now easier to use. Its now more organized and very bubbly. This is the entire iOS 13 UI in one application

You will be able to create reminders much easier and overall, very easy to navigate and use.

15. CarPlay UI

The CarPlay has been redesigned with New UI. It’s now sectioned off, and it’ll give you suggestions. So depending on what you’re doing, where you’re at maybe, you’re getting near to your house it’ll give you garage door open suggestion.

16. Wallpapers

Apple has added new wallpapers with the new dark mode. These new wallpapers will now change when you enable dark mode. These are new dark wallpapers for dark mode.

17. Keyboard

Apple has decided to add a new slide to type feature on the iOS keyboard. Previously you have to install third-party applications to use this on your iPhone, but now Apple has added this feature.

These were the 17 New iOS 13 Features. We Don’t recommend updating to iOS 13 at this point. Even Apple has a warning on its website to be cautious, Unless you’re a developer do not install this on your daily device. We have noticed lots of bugs in Beta 1 and hope to get fewer bugs on the public beta release of iOS 13.

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