How to Get iOS 14 Features on any Android Phone

In this post, we have shown how you can get iOS 14 features on your Android Phone without rooting the device.

ios 14 features on Android

Recently, Apple has announced its new version of the Operating System- iOS 14. And with this update, Apple has introduced a lot of new privacy and security related features which make us android users to get them on our phones.

So, here we are with the quick guide on how to get iOS 14 features on Android including the new privacy and other useful features.

Let’s Get Going…

Get iOS 14 Features on Android

Now, to get these iOS 14 features you need to install an app for every feature you want on your Android Phone.

We have included the best iOS 14 features that are not natively present on the Android devices.

1. Camera and Microphone Indicator

With the new iOS 14, the most important privacy feature that stands out from the rest of the feature’s announcement was the camera and the mic indicator.

Now, Whenever you will open a camera or the microphone is open, a dot indicator will show at the top of the screen.

With this, if an app tries to access the camera or mic without your permission, you will know. You can find out that app from the control center and uninstall it instantly.

iOS 14 camera and mic indicator

You can get this great iOS 14 feature from the app named Access Dots available for Free on the PlayStore. This app will bring the same functionality and shows the notification dot when an app uses your camera or mic.

The best part about this app is you can also customize the colour, size and location of the dot as per your choice. Now, go to the PlayStore and get this awesome iOS 14 feature right away.

2. App Library Folders

On iOS 14, Apple has finally added the long-awaited app drawer feature. Similar to app drawers on the Android, there will be a separate screen for all the applications. But on iOS 14, it works quite differently.

This new app drawer is known as App Library which automatically organizes all the apps and games into folders based on their categories.

app library folders

To get the App Library Folders feature on your Android, you need to download a third-party launcher such as Microsoft Launcher (Free), or Nova (Free).

These third-party launchers will help you create folders into the app drawer itself. But they will not help you to sort the app based on categories and move them into the folder.

To get the automatic categories and apps sorting, download the Poco Launcher (Free) app. Here, you will get separate windows for categories instead of app folders.

3. SMS Categories and Filter

Another important feature Apple added to iOS 14 was the SMS Filters on the Messaging app. With this, app the Spam and promotional text messages will be filtered out and moved to a separate folder.

This feature will help you organize all your text messages and avoiding spam texts. Thus, improving your overall messaging experience.

ios 14 for android sms filter

To get this SMS Filter feature on your Android, just download the SMS Organizer (Free) by Microsoft and get this great iOS 14 feature. This app will help you filter out all the SPAM text messages.

4. Double Tap on Back

One of our favourite accessibility feature that was added on the iOS 14 is the Back Tap feature. This feature will perform a particular action when you double-tap on the back of your phone.

You can assign any action to this feature like opening the Google Assistant, taking a screenshot of your screen, opening the camera and a lot more.

ios 14 tap tap feature

Now, to get this awesome iOS 14 feature on your Android Phone, there is no official way or an app available on the PlayStore. You have to wait for the Android 11 release to get this feature.

But, you can get this feature as of now. An XDA developer called Quinny899 has developed an app – “Tap, Tap” which can help you get this double-tap on the back feature on your Android Phone.

5. Privacy Information of the App Store

With iOS 14, Apple introduced a new feature that will help you know about the privacy information about the apps.

Now, whenever you try to install from the App Store, you can know about the practices an app uses to track you and what all data will it have access to. This can help you find out the privacy policies or practices the app follows in an easy to understand language. There you can choose to install or discard it.

ios 14 app tracker

Now, as this feature is not natively available on the Android, you will have to download the Exodus (Free) app. This app will tell you about the trackers used by an application currently installed on your phone.

Also, you can find the permissions granted to the apps by default. This app is a must if you are seriously concerned about the privacy of your data.

6. Temporary Permission

Apple is bringing the Temporary Permission feature on the new iOS 14. This feature will give particular permission for some time and then revoke it later.

Earlier, Apple has added the “Allow Once” option in the iOS 13, which is also going to be present on Android 11. Also, this newer version of Android may get the Temporary Permission feature.

ios temporary permissions

Now, we all know how may devices get the latest Android updates. So, to get the Temporary Permission feature on Android, download the Bouncer (Paid) app. This app will give temporary permissions to the app and when you exit from it, the permissions are revoked.

This is a must iOS 14 privacy feature for the Android Phones.

7. In-App Search

Apple has revamped the search bar on the new iOS 14. Now, you can do In-App searches right from the search bar which means you can find files, media or anything right from it. You don’t have to open any apps to perform these tasks.

ios in-app search

To get this iOS 14 feature on your Android, install the Sesame (Free) app on your device. On this app, you can search for music, contacts, settings, apps, and a lot more in just one tap. This app will make your workflow faster for sure.

8. Assign Reminders

With iOS 14, you can assign reminders to people on your contacts list. And they will be reminded of tasks based on the schedule.

This great feature can improve your coordination with your team at work and you can get your tasks done without fail.

ios assign reminder

The Assign Reminder feature is also available on the Android with Google Assistant. You just have to say “Hey Google remind X to Person 1” and then the reminder will be assigned to that person. But for this, the person has to be added to the Family Group.

To add a person in Family Group, go to Google App >> 3-dot menu >> Settings >> Google Assistant >> Your People.

9. Website Privacy Report

Apple has also introduced some new privacy-related features to the Safari web browser on the iOS 14. There are a lot of privacy-friendly features added to Safari and one of them is Website Privacy Report.

Similar to the Privacy Information of the App Store, this feature will show you all the trackers and kind of cookies a website is using and the trackers that Safari has blocked to improve privacy.

ios privacy tracker

Now on Android, we have Chrome. And currently, Chrome does not have this website privacy feature. So, to get this feature, we may need to switch to a different browser such as DuckDuckGo (Free), Firefox (Free) or Brave (Free). These browsers will show you the cookies and trackers on the websites.

DuckDuckGo on the other hand, also gives privacy ratings to the websites you open. And in my opinion, if you really want the Website Privacy Report feature, go with the DuckDuckGo browser.

10. Live Translation

With iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new Translation app. This app can even work offline and it can translate to any language you want right away.

Now, the Translation app has a feature called Conversation Mode by which you can say something, and the app will show its translated version to another language along with the translated audio.

ios translation app

You can also find this Conversation Mode on Android Phones. With the help of Google Assistant, you can translate your voice to any language.

Also, there is a dedicated “Interpreter Mode” which is similar to the iOS 14 conversation mode. You just have to say Interpreter Mode to the Google Assistant and the translater will open on your screen.

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#Bonus: Deny Clipboard Access

Recently, we got to know about some apps that can access your clipboard without your permission. This was a major security concern as you can have copied your password, sensitive information, banking details on your clipboard and an app can easily access it without your acknowledgement.

To tackle this, Apple has put restrictions on the apps that can access your clipboard. You can choose which apps can access your clipboard and which apps cannot.

Now, If you have an older version of Android, you can get this feature but the steps are quite technical. So, if you are ready, you can follow the below steps.

1. Set up ADB and go to adb shell. Now, type the below command to get the list of apps that have access to the clipboard.

cmd appops query-op --user 0 READ_CLIPBOARD allow

2. Now, note down the package names of the apps you want to deny access. Now paste the below code along with the replaced packagename. You can use allow instead to ignore to enable the clipboard access again.

cmd appops set <packagename> READ_CLIPBOARD ignore

All New iOS 14 Features on Android

This was our list of best iOS 14 features that you should get on your Android phone. And, the best part is that you don’t have to root your phone to get these great iOS features.

Google will try to bring these features natively on Android with future updates. If you find this post helpful, then do share it with your friends and also comment down your favourite iOS 14 feature.

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