iPadOS First Impressions: Everything you need to know!

Apple announced iPadOS in WWDC 2019, and it is the most fantastic update from the entire Keynote.

Here’s How?

iPad Pro is the best iPad ever. It has excellent Display, amazing battery and powerful processor. But there were a lot of complaints about it. Mostly over its operating system, that is iOS, which is meant for iPhones.

And At the Keynote, Apple showed us the iPadOS 13, which was built specifically for iPads. Now, its not an entirely new operating system, but an iOS 13 made for iPads.

This New iPadOS brings all the features in the iPad Pro that it lacked earlier.

So, Let’s Gets Started

iPADOS Impressions

ipadOS 13


iPadOS widgets

Now the new iPadOS has Widgets on the homescreen. It is placed on the left-hand side in a vertically scrolling list.

These Widgets were earlier present on the left of the home screen in iPhones. But now you can pin them alongside with the icons on the iPad home screen. This makes it feel more like a computer.

There are a lot of possibilities open up with the widgets. They are always available on the home screen with a lot of glanceable information, and you can quickly access your favourite applications at one touch.


ipad multitasking

There is a Multi-tasking improvement in the new OS. You can have apps side by side like you have earlier. But now, you can have two instances of the same app side by side, next to each other. Making your work so easy.

And Also, there is a Slide over apps, in which you can float an app over the other. There is Multi-tasking between the floating window and quick switching between them. In combining, the new OS has great new multitasking features, and you might not know how to use them at first. But with time, they are going to be irreplaceable from your workflow.

Desktop Browser

With iOS 12, the browsing on iPad feels more like a mobile. This was due to the inability to use several desktop sites on iPad because they were treated like the Safari on iPad like the safari on the iPhone.

But now we have full desktop browsing features on safari on the new iPadOS. It’s not as smooth as on an actual desktop but works fine for us. Also, there is a new download manager in safari for Dropbox, Gdrive, etc.

USB-C Funtionality

ipados usb

Remember when the iPad Pro first launched with the USB-C, we thought to have all the functionality that comes with it. But, Apple doesn’t support it until now.

In iPadOS 13, you can plug in Flash Drive or Memory directly into the iPad and start working. This is one of the features that the iPad should have from the beginning, but now it’s finally here.

Now there is a column view in the Files app, and it behaves more like a Finder with the ability to quickly copy and paste files, compress files and folders, making file management much better.

Apple Pencil Touch-up

With the Apple Pencil, you can now take screenshots by swiping up from the corner. And then you’re in markup mode, and you can start drawing on whatever screenshot you just took.

The New Improved latency of the stylus. They said on stage that it went from 20ms to 9ms. In daily usage, it’s difficult to find, but it feels incredibly fast now.

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Keyboard Enhacements

keyboard ipados

The Keyboard has little new enhancements. So, anytime you’re typing you can pinch the keyboard to make it iPhone size keyboard. Move it anywhere you want and then type with one hand.

You can also do swipe typing. It’s not great, but now you have it so no complaints about it.

Apple Sidecar

Sidecar is the most amazing new update to the iPad. So, if you have a Mac and an iPad, sidecar lets you use the iPad as a second display for the mac.

The Second Display is Apple Pencil compatible with super-low latency. This is useful for people who do video editing, photoshop or people who use apple pencil very much.

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