5 Amazing Netflix Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

Netflix is a major entertainment and content provider. It has a large userbase and provides amazing movies and shows to watch.

You must be enjoying Netflix for a long time. Now, we are going to show you some amazing Netflix tips and tricks that will help you to make more out of your Netflix account.

Let’s Dive Right In…

5 Amazing Netflix Tips and Tricks

Netflix tips and Tricks

1.IMDb ratings in Netflix

If you check IMDb ratings before watching a Movie or T-Series to get a better idea of how the content is and what are you going to watch.

IMDb ratings in Netflix

While Netflix does not provide IMDb ratings Natively on the Website or its App. We have found out Chrome Extension that will help you to show ratings of a particular show or movie.

The Enhancer for Netflix is one such extension, to use this extension you have to sign up on its website using your Google account. After you have successfully created the account, Netflix will begin to show IMDb ration on the TV shows and Movies.

2. Delete Watch History

Netflix offers multiple users access if you have a premium subscription. Also, you must be watching some private content and don’t want any other user to see what you’re watching. Netflix allows you to clear all your activity and delete your Watch History.

Delete Watch History

To Remover either a TV Series or a Movie from watch history, Go to Account then click on, Viewing Activity. Here you’ll find all the movies and episodes you have watched. Click on đŸš« icon to remove an entry from your watch history.

Also, you can Temporarily hide the activity by clicking on “Hide All” Button and also download your watch history as a CSV File.

3. Netflix Roulette

Netflix has a large collection of Movies and TV series. Every time you open Netflix, it happens that you find difficulty in finding the content of your choice. And sometimes you watch some boring movie and it feels like we have wasted our time.

Netflix Roulette

Now, With Netflix Roulette, this will not happen. Roulette will help you to find movies and Tv shows based on your choice and preferences. It will show you movies on your preferred genre based on IMDb rating and Rotten Tomatoes Rating.

Once you visit the website you will get to select your favorite Genres, some movies and TV shows you like, the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating at which you’ll like to watch the content.

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4. Using Smart Downloads

You Must be Downloading Movies and Episodes of Netflix to watch offline. But there is a feature called Smart Downloads that will help you to optimize downloads. In Smart Downloads, Netflix app Downloads the Next Episode when you have done watching the previous episode. Also, it deletes the previously watched episodes to optimize storage and make storage for newer episodes.

Netflix tips and Tricks

This Feature will only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This helps you to avoid any accidental data usage. If you have an Unlimited Wi-Fi Plan, we would recommend you to enable Smart Downloads.

To Enable Smart Downloads, Open your Netflix App and head towards Downloads and enable Smart Downloads from the top. You can also enable Smart Download by going in setting and then clicking on More Then, App Settings and Enable, Smart Downloads.

This feature is available only on the Netflix apps on Android, iOS, and Windows.

5. Changing Subtitle Appearance

Subtitles comes in handy when you are watching a movie in another language. Netflix allows you to modify and change subtitle appearance according to the user.

Changing Subtitle Appearance

To Change Subtitle Appearance, go to Account and Click on Subtitle Appearance and choose your desired font, shadow, text size, and background.

So, these were some amazing and useful Netflix Tips and Tricks. Hope this will help you. If you have any problem and have something new to tell us to comment Below. We will reply as soon as possible.

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