Realme Buds Air vs JBL C100TWS: Which One to Buy?

Realme recently launched its first truly wireless earbuds, Realme Buds Air. JBL has also recently the JBL C100TWS, another truly wireless earbuds. Both of them are priced at Rs 3,999.

So, Realme Buds Air vs JBL C100TWS: Which One to Buy?

Let’s find out!

Realme Buds Air vs JBL C100TWS

Realme Buds Air vs JBL C100TWS


Starting with the design and build quality of these earbuds, the Realme Buds Air and the JBL CW100TWS have mostly different designs.

Realme Buds Air as we know looks similar to Apple Airpods. It has the same half in-ear design with the same stem. But it’s a design a lot of people find more comfortable.

The JBL, on the other hand, has a full in-ear design with silicon tips. These earbuds fit well in your ear and won’t go out during the workouts.

So both of these earbuds look premium for this price. Now, it all depends on which in-ear design you’re more comfortable with.

Talking about the cases these earbuds come in, the Realme Buds Air case is the better one. Both of these cases are pretty good and they offer decent charging times.

But the Realme Buds Air case is just the more functional of the two. Buds Air has USB-C compared to micro USB on the JBL earbuds. The Buds Air also supports wireless charging which makes it super easy to charge if you have a wireless charger.

So, the Realme Buds Air case is definitely better with more functions.


The Realme Buds Air has touch controls which do take some time getting used to. But once you do get used to them they’re fairly easy to use. You can play, skip tracks, answer calls, activate Google Assistant and even activate the Gaming mode.

The JBL C100TWS has usual button controls. These bring the same feature set and they’re easy to get used to. However, when we press the button it pushes the earbuds more inside the ears.

Anyway, there’s one feature in the Realme Buds Air that misses on the JBL earbuds and other wireless earbuds in this price range. “Wear Detection”- the fact that playback stops every time the earbuds are out of the ear is amazing.

Sound Quality

The most important thing on any earbuds is sound quality.

Well, the Realme Buds Air comes with 12MM dynamic drivers while the JBL C100TWS comes with 5.8MM dynamic drivers. So on paper, the Realme Buds should offer better sound quality.

However, it’s a close call. Both of these earphones sound great. They get loud, they have great clarity and they don’t distort at max volumes.

But JBL earbuds have a little more bass and the instrument separation is more refined. maybe it’s JBL’s optimizations.

These are some differences we felt while using the JBL earbuds.

It’s not a big difference, to be honest, you’d be good with the sound quality of any of these wireless earbuds.


when it comes to latency, Realme Buds Air is a little superior. Both of earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 but the Buds Air come with dedicated R1 chip for low latency.

On default both of these earbuds have low latency. But in the gaming mode, Realme Buds Air is just a little better when it comes to latency while playing a game like PUBG Mobile.

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Call Quality

Another thing we tested is call quality. So calling Indoors, people on the other side of the call found the JBL earbuds mic clearer. The voice on Realme Buds Air was fine too but the JBL CW100TWS was better.

Outdoors, it was a different story. The Buds Air comes with dual mics with ENC and that made sure that people on the other side of the call were able to hear more clearly.

Again, the JBL earbuds were not bad, it was fairly decent. But dual mics and ENC on the Realme Buds Air makes a good difference.


Now if you look at just the earbuds the JBL C100TWS lasts longer. The JBL earbuds are said to last five hours and in our testing, it lasted for almost five hours.

Realme Buds Air is said to last three hours but when we tested it out it caught me three and a half hours. Yeah, it is good but JBL C100TWS is definitely better.

when it comes to the cases, you get 14 hours additional battery with the case on the Realme Buds Air and twelve hours on the JBL C100TWS case.

So overall you get approximately 17 hours of battery life from both of these earbuds. They are both fairly good but if you take it individually. The battery on the earbuds – JBL C100TWS and the battery on the case -Realme Buds Air.


We have compared everything on the Realme Buds Air and the JBL C100TWS.

So which are the better earbuds to buy at Rs 3,999?

You must have noticed, both of these earbuds are really good for the price. The JBL C100TWS does offer slightly better sound quality and longer battery life with earbuds and it’ll definitely appeal more to people who want full in-ear wireless earbuds with silicon design.

However, the Realme Buds Air offers a great sound quantity. Wear Detection, touch controls and gaming mode for low latency, wireless charging with USB-C are some features that you won’t find on the JBL earbuds.

So, it’s your choice what do you want. Tell us below in comment what do you want in this Realme Buds Air vs JBL C100TWS.


  1. Great post. It’s interesting to read what other people thought and how it
    relates to them or their customers, as their view could possibly assist you
    in the future.
    Best regards,
    Demir Dencker

  2. JBL is no doubt the king of sound no sound devices could beat the clarity of JBL not even Apple Airpods Pro could beat this model C100tws you can hear and feel the stereo moving around in our ears like 3d songs when 3d songs not played. Compare this with other earpods like Apple Airpods, Pro, Realme, Boat, Skullcandy it is really very sure that they don’t come near to JBL c100tws of it’s sound clarity and is rich in bass doesn’t distort.

  3. You don’t need to compare JBL because it is definitely known as the ‘King of Speakers’. If you compare this c100tws with Apple Airpods pro definitely will beat it of it’s sound quality no earpods have come this perfection that each and every detailed sound clarity and bass. You can feel every beat and instrument coming on each sides that Apple Airpods and no any other earpods near to this that makes you feel you are surrounded listening in real. While listening from this I felt like someone coming behind me and singing on each side it’s that much clear you cannot hear the external noise. If you talk about battery I get 10hrs charge on right earpod and 20hrs on left so you don’t need to keep the earpods every time for charging. When it comes to call quality is amazing that my friends said to me they could hear me clearly from indoor and outdoor.

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