Realme UI: Top New Features, Review and Release Date!

Realme UI has arrived and Realme XT is one of the first Realme devices to have the latest Realme UI onboard.

Realme UI is based on Android 10 and has started to roll out on Realme X Series and will soon arrive on other devices.

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Realme UI Top Features

Realme UI Features

Visual Changes

When we first installed will Realme UI on the Realme XT. The biggest change we noticed is the visual changes.

Obviously, Realme does not bring an overhaul UI but it’s more refined. First, there are three cool new live wallpapers that change as for the time of the day.

Anyways, the big visual change comes in the notification shape. Here’s the notification panel on Realme UI and ColorOS 6 side-by-side.

As you can see, the Realme UI notification shade is better and a mix between Stock Android and One UI.

Now, another visual change is the newly defined Icons which have a similar shape giving it a cleaner look. There’s also a new icon style option in the launcher settings and you can select the different styles, choose from the different shapes, change the size. Icons have been defined everywhere.

Visual Changes

In the settings page, they are the new icons. The search bar is finally here and options have been reordered in certain pages for a better cleaner look.

Apart from that, there are quite a few minor visual changes- toggles look much better now, the recent screen looks more defined, even the minor elements of the UI has been improved.

So, there are quite a few visual refinements. The animations are smoother and well cleaner. It’s more like ColorOS 7 rather than stock Android.

Launcher Features

The Launcher in Realme UI brings quite a few new features that we always wanted. The most important to us is the option to swipe down on the home screen to access the notification shade.

Another option in the launcher settings is the option to DoubleTap to Lock the screen.

Apart from that, there’s an option to have the Google search bar at the bottom, Display dots on apps that have been updated recently and there are the Smart Assistant changes.

Dark Mode

Moving on, the Dark Mode is here. ColorOS has recently had got the Dark mode but the Realme UI brings the Dark mode in the display settings.

Dark Mode

Now you can show you the Dark mode for sunset to sunrise or set a specific type. There’s also an option to force the Dark mode on third-party apps that don’t have a dark mode.

This does turn Whatsapp Dark. So we did like it.

Plus more Realme phones are coming with an AMOLED Display. So, the Dark mode is an important feature and it looks great on XT’s display.

Dual Mode Music Share

One feature that Realme UI has that colour 7 does not is Dual Mode Music Share. This is the feature that’s available on the Realme Labs page and it’s pretty good.

Dual Mode Music Share

So. this feature lets you use a pair of wired earphones and a pair of Bluetooth earphones at once. So you can watch a movie or listen to a song with that someone or you can even take a call while someone is listening to music from your phone.

we’re not sure how handy this is but yeah it’s a good addition.

Screen Light Effects

Another feature that Realme UI brings is Screen Light Effects which is similar to Edge Lighting effects on Samsung phones and also similar to the same feature present MIUI.

There’s also Realme Share which now works with Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo phones.


Anyway, Realme UI is based on Android 10 and that means you get the Android 10 gestures. But the gestures here are a mix between the Android 10 gestures and the ColorOS gestures. You can still swipe from the edges and hold to switch between apps or you can switch apps in Android 10 style by swiping from the bottom.

There’s also one added gesture. You can now slide down at the bottom to quickly enter the one-handed mode.

There’s one more super cool gesture that’s been improved. So, the three-finger swipe to take screenshots has always been present but Realme UI makes it way cooler. So now you can just press hold on the screen with three fingers for a couple of seconds and then take a Partial screenshot.

There’s more, you can also take a screenshot and quickly swipe down on it to share or swipe up to take long screenshots.

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Improved Screen Recording

Realme UI also improves the Screen Recording feature. There is finally the option to record the system sounds.

So, you can now finally record your games, PubG sessions with the internal sound.

There’s also 1080p support and Game Streamers can also use the front camera simultaneously.

Personal Information Protection

Personal Information Protection is a feature taken from ColorOS 6. Now what this feature does is when apps try to read your personal info like Call History, Contacts, Messages or events. This will provide them with empty information instead of your real personal info.

Personal Information Protection

For example, say you don’t want to give an app like TrueCaller access to contacts. You can just enable this feature and that’s it.

Focus Mode

Then there’s the Focus mode which is similar then Zen Mode in Oxygen OS.

You can enable it from the quick settings and this will hide apps, block notifications and show you an inspirational quote with some ambient noise.

You can exit at any time though unlike the Zen mode. There’s a Riding mode as well for bikers which mutes all alerts except for calls and has a different UI for the calls so that you can answer easily.

Apart from that Realme UI is set to optimize gaming performance and the overall smoothness of the phone. Now we did not really notice a huge difference.

Realme UI: Release Date

  • Realme XT and Realme 3 Pro: Jan 2020
  • Realme X and Realme 5 Pro: Feb 2020
  • Realme X2 Pro and Realme X2: March 2020
  • Realme 3 and Realme 3i: April 2020
  • Realme 5 and Realme 5s: May 2020
  • Realme 2 Pro: June 2020
  • Realme C2: Q3 2020


Lastly, I’m sure you’re wondering what about the option to Disable the ads on the UI. So the Ads were recently introduced.

Realme XT with Realme UI does not have that option to disable the ads in the additional settings page.

So, we don’t think the ads have rolled out with the Realme UI on the Realme XT.

Overall, Realme UI is a good improvement over ColorOS 6. The UI is more defined and some of the new features and changes are amazing.

But it’s not a whole lot different from ColorOS 7. In fact, this is ColorOS 7 with a few changes here and there.

So, that was a good look at the brand new Realme UI. What are your thoughts?

Do you think Realme UI can take on MiUI and other platforms? Tell us in the comment below.

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