How to Restore Deleted files in Android (Data Recovery Guide)

There are times when we accidentally delete a file and later regret deleting it. It’s a nightmare when you know how important that file or photo is…

That file can be a document you need at work or a photo you wanted to share on social networks.

So, deleting files accidentally can happen anytime and there are a lot of ways to restore deleted files.

Restore Deleted files

There may be a way to get back that file by following various data recovery methods that we are going to tell you.

So, depending on the type of file and how you deleted or lost the file, photo, folder, etc. There are various methods that may work and restore deleted files for you.

Precaution to Restore Deleted Files

After you have lost the file it is recommended that you should stop using your phone as soon as possible. This increases the probability of finding that lost file.

So, what actually happens to your file when you delete it?

When you delete a file, the file doesn’t go from there. Actually, it stays there and your phone marks that space as empty and you do not see any file. It means your file is present there but your android system is not showing you that file. what is means is you can bring back that important file.

we are saying you stop using your phone because if you download a new file or take new pictures. The storage that was marked as empty will be rewritten by the new file and you will lose your file forever.

data loss

So, firstly you should stop using your phone and avoid installing any new applications. You are advised to put your phone on the flight mode to prevent your device from downloading background updates or WhatsApp photos.

Seach the lost file or photo in your phone. There are changes you have misplaced the file in some other location.

Method 1: Recycle Bin

The file that you are thinking is deleted may be moved to the recycle bin and you may find the file there. Nowadays, all the major Android apps come with the recycle bin and there are chances that the file is still there.

To Find the Recycle Bin in Gallery, Go to the menu bar of that application either placed at the top or bottom of the gallery. Now, find the recycle bin folder or tab. There you will find all your deleted files and folders. Now, search for the desired file.

If you don’t have the option of Recycle Bin then you can use third-party applications like ES File Explorer to manage your files. This app has an in-build recycle bin.

Method 2:Cloud Backup’s

If you are using apps like Google Photos, the photos are stored in the bin for 60 days even after deleting. These photos are synced in the google cloud and are stored there as a backup. Now, even if you have deleted the photo or the whole app, you are still able to get the photos back by re-installing the application.

google drive backup

Now, if you don’t see any photo or video the chances are that the file is located in the bin. So, check the bin as files are stored there for at least 60 days. You can also use the web version to view your photos on the desktop.

Also, if you remove the photos from the bin folder in Google Photos. There is still a chance that photos may be present on Google Drive.

With Google Photos you can backup any folder with the photos and videos. And to backup documents and other files use Google Drive. This will make sure you do not lose any file or photo in the future.

You will get free 15 GB of storage if you use Google Services and can buy more storage if needed.

Method 3: Android data recovery apps for PC

If the above steps do not work, then you should try out the third party recovery apps. These Data Recovery apps sometimes bring back the files that have been lost.

These apps work by scanning the empty spaces and looking for any file present there. This may not work if you have downloaded any file or used your phone after the file has been lost. So, it is important to stop using your phone.

Recuva data recovery

Also, to avoid data override always use desktop recovery applications and do not use any android app. The popular apps like Recuva or any other good data recovery software will work best. Then follow the steps shown in the application wizard and hopefully, restore deleted files from your device.

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Method 4: Check WhatsApp Backups

If any of your WhatsApp documents and photos are deleted, then this method will work best and you will get your photos back.

First, you need to check the backup inside the WhatsApp. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. There you find the information about your last backup. If you think the photo is deleted after the backup. So, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the Play Store. Now you will get the option to restore the backup and if lucky you’ll get the file from there.

whatsapp backup

There are chances that WhatsApp has taken a backup after the file is deleted. Even then, the WhatsApp might be able to bring back that file as WhatsApp keeps a number of back-ups on your device.

Method 5: Android Data Recovery Apps- PlayStore

If the PC software’s like Recuva doesn’t work for you. Then its time to try android data recovery apps. Install the app directly on your device.

This method might not work but it’s worth a try.

The conclusion to Restore Deleted Files

So, these were some of the methods that we have personally tested out and successfully restore deleted files from our android devices.

Although, these methods may not work for you because there are several other cases that can obstruct the recovery process.

And, if you are investing your money on these data recovery software. Then it is better to use a backup service like Google Drive or DropBox to save all your Documents, Files and Photos.

We hope that you have found out the lost files. And Do tell us in the comment which method works for you or if you have any suggestions let us know!

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