How to Unblock Websites and ByPass Secured Networks

If you use computers in colleges, libraries, or a corporate office, you have probably come across the problem of the IT department making it impossible to access some websites which you wanted to visit. So, all you need is to Unblock Websites and access them.

The websites that are blocked are obvious to you, say- social networking sites like Facebook or video source sites like YouTube.

It’s helpful to have the ability to bypass these limitations and we are going to tell you how!

unblock websites

In the following guide, I will explain to you the way to get access to blocked websites using tools that you could usually get access to even on a locked-down network.

Which Websites are Generally Blocked?

There must be a lot of websites that you may want to visit but you are being oppressed by locking down of network.

Besides Facebook, other blocked sites that you want to unlock can include Instagram, Torrent Networks, Twitter, Flickr, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Reddit, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc..

Unblock Websites at College, Home or at Work

You will need to have approaches and procedures to unblock internet sites in college or on the job.

Here is a collection of techniques that you can use to attempt to obtain access to all the Blocked Sites.



proxy networks

One of the best methods to unblocking websites is to use the proxy sites. These proxy websites make you anonymous and help you in accessing all the websites.

However, when you visit the proxy site it says you to enter any URL in the address bar or the proxy port. Then, the site will load the desired web pages for you and show them in your browser. This is done without using any blocking software in your system.

Currently, there are a lot of Proxy Sites is available on the Internet. You just need to search on google. Some of the sites that I use are and KProxy, however, there are other proxy websites that you can use.

In addition, some IT departments update their list of blocked websites by adding new proxy sites. so, the site that works today may not work tomorrow.


One way of evading a system is to use the IP address of a site rather than its text URL. You can even type the IP address into your internet browser and it’ll take you to the website with this specific IP address.

You’ll get the IP address of a specific URL on this website. For instance, typing “” or its IP address to your browser will open the Google homepage. Some websites may deny direct IP opening for security reasons.



TOR is a program that safeguards its users’ privacy and security. The way that TOR works is that it ignites your IP address via diverse points across the world to protect against the original info.

The main disadvantage to TOR is since it will undergo multiple resources to get to the site, that it’s slow. You can install TOR on a flash drive and gain access to the Web (including the Deep Internet ). This is a fairly big topic, and we’ve got a complete article about utilizing through the Deep Web to be navigated by TOR.

Download TOR Browser


Occasionally the blocking of websites of your IT department is based on your own IP address, as opposed to the IP address of the site you are attempting to load.

In cases like this, you have to convince the network that the device you are using has a different IP address (usually from a different region). That is where free IP hiding application like UltraSurf comes into use, allowing you to visit a website that is blocked.

Free software like UltraSurf does not have the feature set of commercial IP hiding software, it ought to be more than adequate to get around the IP blocks of your school.


hotspot shield vpn

VPN is known as Virtual Private Network Software. It helps you to create a tunnel in the network and make it easy to transfer information from the blocked website. It also helps you in getting complete anonymity.

While using a VPN, your network becomes encrypted and no one can see what are you browsing.

All the great VPN services come at a cost, HotspotShield VPN is a free alternative that can do most of the work.


DNS (Domain Name Server) is the servers that lookup the text URL and convert it to a numeric IP address. Sometimes when a website is blocked, it’s because the DNS servers prevent or refuse to split the location of the blocked website’s servers.

In this case, the simplest way to unblock a website is to change the DNS servers by utilizing Google’s DNS or the OpenDNS‘s.

Utilizing this process to unblock any website will boost your speed.

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Different search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google possess a cache of web pages found. so, if you search the site you want to unblock, you’ll just have to click the cached link to the next to the search result.

This Link is served by a search engine that has been stored in the form of a cache and is shown to you.

The conclusion to Unblock Websites

So, Now you may have unblocked some of the Websites and are able to access them free.

If you have any other tips to bypass the blocked sites on a protected network. Share that with us in the comment section below.

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