Whatsapp Update: The Complete Guide for 2019

Today I’m going to show you the complete Guide to whatsapp update


Recently, Whatsapp latest spyware attack allowed hackers to access your contacts, location, media files, etc.

How to update whatsapp?

The answer here is Simple. We have made this guide to show you How you can make sure your whatsapp is up-to-date in easy steps.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Update Whatsapp

whatsapp updateWhatsapp frequently updates its app to fix bugs and launch new features. Keeping your device as well as your apps updated, is a good practice. This makes sure about the security of your smartphone.

Lately, Whatsapp has started to ban people from who are using modded version like GBWhatsapp, etc.

We Recommend you to use the official app and keep it up-to-date.

1. Android

According to a study, 80% of all the total smartphone users are android.

So if you are among the more significant part of the readers, this method is for you

Take a Look:

how to update whatsapp

Follow these easy steps, and you’re ready to GO!

  • Go to Google Playstore and swipe to navigation menu
  • Here, click on “My Apps and Games” and head to Installed app tab
  • Now, you’ll see whatsapp along with the button saying Update
  • Click, it should start updating Whatsapp

It’s that Simple

But, if the whatsapp does not begin updating. Look Down, we have also shown how to fix google play and update whatsapp.


Apple devices are called as secure

ios update whatsapp

Though, a loophole can make it vulnerable. To keep your whatsapp up-to-date, you must follow the steps specified below

  • Open “App Store” and head towards Updates tab in the bottom
  • Now, you’ll see the list of an available update, here find Whatsapp
  • Click on the button saying UPDATE in front of the app name

Now, the app will start updating automatically.


Not only due to whatsapp, but many other apps can be a threat to your device.

Make sure to keep all your apps updated

Accordingly, we decided to Reset and Secure your Google account

How to Use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop

playstore troubleshoot

#1: Google Play Error while Downloading Whatsapp

Google Playstore Gives you Code of Error if it is unable your whatsapp

Here we are fixing Error: 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 or 941

  • Open Settings App and then go to Google and later, remove Google Account
  • Now Again, open Settings app and Application, find Google PlayStore
  • Click on Storage and Clear Cache and Data
  • Reboot Your Device and Sign-in to google again
  • Attempt to Redownload Whatsapp

Now, we are fixing Error: 101, 403, 495, 498, 504, 911, 919, 920, 923, RPC, Package File Invalid, Installation or Download Unsuccessful

  • Download Whatsapp latest APK file from official Website
  • To Install APK from Untrusted Sources, you must-
  • Go to Setting and Click on Security Options, Here you’ll see an option to enable installs from Untrusted Sources
  • Enable it, and the whatsapp apk file is now ready to install

#2: Unable to Install WhatsApp Due to Insufficient Space

Sometimes due to insufficient storage google disable the installation on new applications

The Solution to this problem is straightforward. Follow these Tips to Clear some storage

  • Copy Files from Your Device to your Laptop
  • Just Delete some useless application or files
  • Buy a new storage device like SD Card or OTG Pendrive
  • Not Suggested: Factory Reset Android Phone

We Believe, this will help you in clearing the storage and install and update whatsapp.

#3: WhatsApp Incompatible with Your Device

To Run Whatsapp in Your Android Device. Your device must fulfil the minimum requirement to run whatsapp.

  • Your Device must be running Android OS 4.0.3 or above
  • The Tablet Devices are not supported, specifically the wifi only devices

Instead, there is a simple solution to this problem

  • Download Whatsapp latest APK file from official Website
  • Install, the APK file after allowing “Untrusted sources.

Now, the Whatsapp will start running on your android device

#4: WhatsApp Not available in Your Country

If you’re living in a country where whatsapp is not available. The only option left here is to use VPN

  • Download Whatsapp latest APK file from official Website
  • Install, the APK file after allowing “Untrusted sources.”
  • Install Any free or premium vpn app and set any other country

How to Use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop

Whatsapp Web

Using whatsapp in the Desktop or Laptop makes life more comfortable if you’re continuously working on your PC

However, it requires whatsapp to be pre-installed in your Android or iOS device

If whatsapp is running on your smartphone, follow these steps, and you’re ready to go!

  • Open Whatsapp Web using the given link here
  • Now open whatsapp in your smartphone
  • Click on three taps or tap on the setting, select whatsapp web
  • It will open the camera, scan the QR code and the whatsapp will begin to show on your PC

This Method will only work if your device is connected to the Internet along with the Desktop or Laptop.

We Hope this post has helped you in Installing or Updating Whatsapp.

If you need more help, please feel free to comment down below, we will reply as soon as possible.


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